Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh Quoints, Dot Points!

  • 'Bout time I updated with something other than whinging and YouTube, eh?
  • I am so excited to be sitting in front of the telly atm - I've been hanging out for Celebrity Dog School! 9 minutes in, still loving it - though the coach for the cricketer is a PAIN! But then - Biggest Loser AND So You Think You Can Dance - I LURVE SUNDAYS!
  • We made it into two (TWO!) travel agents for some discussion re: holiday plans. The plan? 17th April - 28th April in Thailand; 29th April - 7th May in Japan. So excited! We're telling the travel dood tmr to go ahead and book the plane tix, and then we'll be using him to book everything for us (hotels, tours, transfers etc) as we've never been overseas, neither of us are particularly adventurous and I know I'll FREAK OUT if we get lost along the way. I'm sure this will make for many posts in the months to come.
  • We also made it to Fyshwick yesterday - The Hun lost his Fyshwick virginity! His verdict: "Can we go home and watch the Basketball?". And why were we there? Shopping for Magf's Hens Party - any bride to be who includes pole dancing lessons as part of the Hens Night is just BEGGING to be covered in flashing penis' (penii?).
  • Went to ANOTHER Blogmeet! Funnily enough, while I've met Melbournites and Bris Vegans, I'd never met any Canberran's - and all it took was a couple of visiting Melbournians to get some of us to meet! Desci and Bob (of here and here) were coming up for the Mummy exhibit and managed to hook up some of their Canberra listeners. I was proddly most nervous about this meetup, but (like the others!) it went surprisingly well - I popped my podcasting cherry, though I don't believe it's anything worth crowing about. Desci and Bob were much less scary than I thought they would be (Desci is great fun!) and Kerces was lovely and it was good to put a face to RandomGit. I had to pike early as The Hun was picking me up (and the vodka and lemonade I had at the restaraunt wasn't settling down properly) but they were heading out - I hope there's some sort of wrap up post!
  • I've mentioned before the warts on the bottom of my foot? Well, I'm off to have them burnt out tmr - stay tuned for the before/after pics (eww/ouch).
  • I'm off for foccacia and chocolate fondue - tra la!


M said...

ooo Japan, I've had a few friends live there - I hear it's a GREAT place :)

Jey said...

Oooh...I could have met you all, except Kerces (have met her, lots).
Freakin' QLD.

RandomGit said...

Yes it is nice to put a face to me, so I can be easily avoided in the street :)

Sorry I was a bit flat at the partay, big chore day for me on Saturday, I'm still sore from it. A little too much boob talk as well, probably very offputting. But you know, Desci in the same room, gotta get into some serious note swapping on all things boob.

Enny said...


jey - that woulda been awesome!

randomgit - not in that way! I didn't notice THAT much boon talk, but perhaps I'm too naive to notice ;o)

Jennifer said...

Thailand AND Japan, lucky much? :)

I suppose I should hardly whinge since I came back from holidays YESTERDAY, but an OS holiday would be awesome. Any idea when you will be swinging by QLD again?

It's very exciting you met some more bloggers, you are like the queen of meeting bloggers now. Do you feel like a celelbrity blogger yet :)?

P.S I love dot point posts

Enny said...

D'jen - I KNOW! You are a lucky lucky thing to have gone on a holiday so recently - And I will keep you updated for when I am up. No - not quite a celebrity yet ;o)

RandomGit said...

Boon talk? No -BOOB- talk. Talking about lady bits in front of ladies is usually a non-no.

Why boon? Oh god, did I look like a booner? HIDE MY FACE I'M A FREEEEEEEAK!!!!

Enny said...

R'git - NONONO, typo! I meant boob - I'm just not very accurate with the spelling etc!!!

RandomGit said...

Oh good, in that case, hows the boobs?

jk ;)

Enny said...

r'git - I told you, I didn' notice that much!

RandomGit said...

Scuse use me while I increase my average then.

Balloon taco
Great Wobblin Wazoobies
Fun bags
No string conkers
Happy death pillows

Thanks mate :)

Enny said...

r'git - ooh! I didn't know that had turned into 'welcome to the vocab advantage' ;o)