Friday, February 02, 2007

*UPDATED* I got tagged!

Thanks Mick!

Interlude: Here's something more entertaining than the post below - first forward I've received in a while to make me laugh out loud:

Five useless facts about me (that you might not know).

Where to begin...?!

1. I'm a hypochondriac. Ok, you might know that already, but within a six month period I'll have been to the doctor for Gardasil, to get a blood test, to get my blood test results, back to the doctor for Gardasil, to get a mole checked, to get my warts frozen, to get my warts frozen again, to get my warts uninfected, to get my warts inspected, to get my warts quarterised (eek!), to get my final Gardasil and (if we end up travelling) to get some needles. And within there I have resisted a few urges to drop in to get more moles checked... I'm paranoid about skin cancer - the story about the girl who got the phone call from David Beckham is my worst nightmare. She saw a few doctors who all told her a mole on her neck were nothing to worry about, but by the time someone took her seriously it was too late and had spread. She died just the other day...

2. I'm super ticklish. You name it, I'm ticklish there. And if you so much as make the ticklish motion towards my body, I get phantom tickle and freak out. My version of freaking out whilst getting tickled also tends to come with my groping for your neck or eyes because my instinct tells me it's the quickest way to get you to stop. I'M. SO. SORRY.

3. I (used to) love squishing eggshells. I don't know what it was, but I LOVED to scrunch empty eggshells in my hands and rub them round and round. Interesting.

4. I've never had a filling. I'm off to the doctor for the first time in almost three years on Monday - this might change.

5. I'm freaking out about my birthday. I used to love birthdays - the happy day, the party, the work lunch, the gifts... I turn 25 this year. 25 is more than a quarter of my life gone. I'm meant to be an adult. I'm going to have grey hairs. I'm going to get wrinkles. I haven't travelled overseas, I have no savings, I don't own a house, I'm childess, I'm unwed, I'm in a job that I fell into and don't know whether I like it or not, I'm still at uni... TWENTY FIVE IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. I'm predicting tears on my birthday - that's my heads up for you peeps.


I was up until 2:30 last night and couldn't sleep, so thought of another five for you folks:

1b. When I sign my name in my signature, I use a curvy 'E' like a backwards three. Why? Because that's how Elvis Presley signed his (and my dad's an Elvis freak!).

2b. I hate bugs. But I hate seeing them killed more. This usually results in shivers, squealing and dancing feet as I try to catch the blighters (spiders, ants, cockroaches) in a cup and paper and put them outside without squishing them. This is also why we had to purchase a humane mousetrap (there's a MOUSE in the HOUSE!) but I have NO IDEA how I will cope with transporting the lil fella.

3b. I have a shocking short and long term memory. I have trouble remembering what I came into a room to do, what the point of my story was, what I was going to blog about. I also have toruble remembering things a while in the past without distorting them a bit. This means that my propensity for retelling stories from the past can cause some grief, what with it changing all the time and making me look like a liar. And I had another point for this but can't remember!

4b. I have an addictive personality. I will play a game to death, to the point where it affects my everyday life. Play Mario till I see a little mario-man jumping between the words when I'm reading a book, playing tetris till I find my self looking at objects and wondering how I could sort them together to make lines, playing minesweeper till I find myself looking at a room and itemising each object with a number depending on the number of other items close to it. This is why I'm happy to eat the same thing for breakfast of lunch or dinner for extended periods of time and also why I haven't taken up smoking or anything (I only just broke my red-eye habit!).

5b. When I'm trying to learn or memorise or remember something, I break it down into initials. That's how I (almost) remembered my points for this post from last night - it was like 'ASAP' with with an M in the middle and slightly different - ESMEI (Elvis, spiders, memory, addictive, initials). As you can see, my letter breakdown might not make a lot of sense to anyone else and it requires me to try and relax and let them come back to me (which is no good as I always need them for an event or something!) but I just can't think of how to learn any other way.

I'm so sorry that wasn't more interesting...!

I tag:
D'jen - because I'd love to know what she has to say!
Lulu - because I feel bad I didn't do her last meme (don't let the thinking hurt your head)!
Mars - because I want her to realise she's not Bridget Jones!
Deb - because I'd love to know more about her!
Somewhat Sober - because I want to check she's still alive!

(And anyone else who wants to participate of course)


M said...

I am exactly the same with tickles. I totally freak out and my reflexes to fight kick in. I am not a violent person at all but if someone goes the surprise tickle I will kick, scratch, twist, pull and punch anything I can get my hands on! heh.

Jennifer said...

HA HA!! I love that retard thing!! It also made me laugh out loud :D

1. I don't think it makes you a hypocondirac, more...overly concerned. If you had a cough and rushed to the emergency room to be treated for bird flu or had a scratch you thought was leporosy then maybe you might be. I don't really like going to the Doctor, I don't know why it's just a recent thing I've decided I don't like.

2. I'm the least ticklish person ever! Tickling me is the quickest way to a punch in the face, it's just about the most annoying thing EVER. It doesn't feel nice or funny, it's just fingers scratching on my skin. That's right, I'm dead on the inside :P

3. Ew! Eggshells are icky, I'm paranoid about them being in food because of the food poisoning risk so I can't imagine touching them for fun, and they are scratchy.

4. I've had one, I have also not been to the dentist for ages so I predict I'll have more when I go back :(

5. I so hear you! I'm turning 23 again this year because I can't turn 24, I'm not ready! I'm in the same position as you except unemployed and living at home!! You atleast have a job, a partner and your own house, not to mention a tattoo. You can feel happy knowing you are better off than atleast one person :P

Thanks for the tag, I'm going to do it right now!

Linda said...

I had a major freak out when I was about to turn 30. By the time I got over it I was about 33. In 2 weeks I'm going to be 40 :( - now that is stress!

My advice to you - Save, go overseas, buy a good anti-wrinkle cream, have a friend as a hairdresser, finish your studies, get a job you love and only get married and have a baby if you really want.

Enny said...

m - I like to think I'm not that voilent a person, but I'm definately prone to panicking - I have a threshold that just SNAPS - like if I'm lying too close to The Hun then I freak out I'm inhaling to much of his out breath and I have to back off!

d'jen - Hooray for point by point answers - I hope you come back for the next five! I don't like paying $60 a pop for the Dr (though the last one only charged me $40 which meant it only cost $8!) - I think it makes it less likely ppl will get moles and stuff checked, when they're there for 3 minutes and fork out $60! In some ways I wish I wasn't ticklish, but then it's an easy way to get cheered up (until the point I three finger you in the throat!). I would say it was a long time ago with the eggshells, but I'd be lying (obviously not in the last 8 months or so!). I'm hoping there's no filling, but I have noticed some sensitivity... and I was considering turning 24 again this year, but feel I need to step up (as all my friends have!) - and was I onto something with one of my unanswered comments a few posts ago?! ;o)

linda - I've been told similar by some of 40-something martial arts students... as well as Magf on whose 25th birthday I celebrated by pulling her first grey hair out of her head! I'm speaking to the travel agent today, I've got the most savings I've ever had, I plan to graduate by 2009 and my posn is about to be advertised at promotion in three months, so I can look more after that. Thanks for your advice =o)

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you come up with 10??? I've got to #4 and I'm stuck already LOL.

Loved this pic...

PS- There are lots of scary similiarities between you and me...are we the same person?! lol :P

Anonymous said...

um, that was me. And by me i mean deb!

Jennifer said...

I am stuck at 4 too, Deb! That's why I haven't posted yet, I'm waiting for the 5th to come to me.

1b. I am USELESS at cursive, I fail at running writing. I print, always. Having said that, my signiture is cursive. When I made my signiture in Grade 7, everyone did cursive, and since I've never come up with a better signiture that's just what it's stayed as.
How do you even go about changing your signiture without getting married?

2b. I can handle ALL bugs, except spiders. I would prefer not to touch them with my hands, but I could catch a grasshopper or cockroach with my bare hands if I had to. Spiders make me want to kill myself though, I'd have to die if one ever touched me because I can't imagine anything worse.

3b. Me too, so badly. I have very few memories because I forget EVERYTHING. The only memories I do have are extremley specific down to what people were wearing and the location of exact items, etc.

4b. Again, me too! I can't play Solitare because I can't play it for less than four hours at a time. For the same reason I can only play computer games in uni holidays. This is also why I will obsessively collect things unless I make a very conscious effort not to and buy multiples of something I like incase I can never have it again.

5b. I do this for exams, but nothing else. I will have an entire string of intital in my mind before an exam if I need to remember dot point type things. I repeat it again and again in my mind which is why I don't talk to anyone before exams. I never really thought anyone else did this :D

If you are referring to the unanswered tattoo comment, I am still refusing to confirm or deny. I will let you know either way when the time is right :P

Enny said...

deb - I guessed that was you! And mebbe we are....?!

d'jen - 1b None of my writing has ever been legible - I'm sure I'm destined for greatness! 2b Ewwww HANDS?! CAN'T DO!!! 3b Me too - picking up on certain things, but not everything! 4b I had a WICKED Minesweeper addiction in year 11 and 12 - I still don't play it often. 5b TWINS!!! (and I'll leave that last bit for now ;o))

Rhiannon said...

Hi! As if it wasn't interesting, I sure enjoyed myself!

Just a quick note, the URL of my blog has moved, because the old one sounded like porn.

Catch ya!

Enny said...

Rhiannon - ah ha! That's where you went!!

Lulu said...

Ahhh, I have been away so long that I have beeen tagged in the process! I may have done this before, but will check back and do another five ASAP!

Thanks Enny!

Ps: I am also a hypochondriac at times!! Usually over really minor things. Then when it is big, like having my head split open, I am fine.

Enny said...

lulu - no pressure! At least with an open head you know you have an issue - it's the not knowing that's the pain (except with an open head of course)!