Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pass the baton...

(Sat Mrng):

The Hun
's caught my lurgy, while my week off has fixed me up quite a bit. Really, I should've spent my time studying for an Economic test I've got nex Thurs, but weekdays at home are full of things to do like:

- Polish off the rest of the Treasure Cake...
- Ellen, Oprah, Dr Phil, that cooking show with the tomato and capsicum ...
- Sleeping till 10...
- Obsessively reading all the mudflinging going on in three or four diff blogs...
- OMG! Taylor told Ridge she cheated!!! Where was she when she was 'dead' anyway?!...
- Why does a roast take 3 hours to cook when the shrinkwrap said 55 minutes...?

But I was really hoping The Hun wouldn't get sick - my poor lil baby boy *awww* - he is one of the worst sickies I've ever met, and while I do seem to get kix outta babying him, we're hosting ppl over here for a bash tonight and he hates parties.... I'm not quite sure what it is. He doesn't like preparing for it, he doesn't like 'new' people,


In between then and now (Sat night), he came home from getting his haircut, I did some shopping, watched some racing, decorated for the party (YES. BALLOONS. AND. STREAMERS. ARE. STILL. COOL. AT. 24), had some drinx, entertained 30 guests and then sat down to blog.


In between then and now (Sun Mrng)the last of the guests left (middle bro and some of his friends - NOT COZ I WAS ON THE LAPPY), I went to bed, got up, cleaned up and sat down in front of the car races again.

This really is going nowhere, so I should just hit publish and put this week of crappy posts behind me, but before I'm done: See 'V for Vendetta'.

Not half an hour after asking desci to review it to con The Hun into seeing it, he says that my good job of cleaning (EVERTHING WAS SPARKLY*) should be rewarded with a trip to the movies to see it anyway!

It's a bit of a genre-collabo: Drama, Action, Thriller, Romance, Literary, Political sci-fi - you name it, it's in there. Plus it has N-Po in it (Ms Portman herself) and if I could be anyone in the world it would be her - I loved her Garden State character so much that I'm planning to just sorta evolve into her, Pokemon style. Jus give me some energy cards and some time ppl - it will be done.

I'd actually like to see it again - my lack of face and name recognition skills has made me feel like i didn't get as much out of it as I could have -I think in my head there were an extra four characters than there actually were.

But it's a good watch and bound to get the thinkers thinking and the activists activating and the ppl who just like to watch a good film doing what they do.

Off you go (and don't forget to flick those clocks back!).

*excluding my 'dressing room' - but I've told The Hun his b'day pressie is in there so it's off bounds! CUNNING! WIT! EXTRAORDINARY!

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