Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some things are just too good to be true...

Taken from the BB site:

"The Big Brother House designer assures us there were no closets included in his BB06 design, but the moment David set foot in the House, the usually openly gay farmer quickly found one.

His housemates might not have cottoned on yet, but there is something about David, that he has actively decided to keep from them. The HMs know the 26-year-old is a farmer, they know he's an ex-model, but for reasons best known to himself, he is going to considerable effort to be evasive about the fact he is gay. When he applied to be a HM, he described himself as a "young, bright, committed gay farmer". He's openly gay in his community and is 'out' to his friends and most of his family. Even newspapers and internet forums are now buzzing with reports that David is gay. So why has he chosen not to tell his HMs?

David decided to go into the house with a clean slate, so to speak. He indicated last night to Big Brother in the Diary Room that he wants the HMs to get to know him as a personality rather than a sexuality. There's no doubt the HMs already think the world of him, and they seem like a pretty open-minded bunch, so would the truth about his sexuality really even upset anyone?

The answer to that could depend on how long David decides to keep his HMs in the dark. While he hasn't actually lied to anyone, several times he's gone out of his way to avoid the truth. He's had several opportunities to 'come out' over the last few days. On day one when Katie asked the group: "Is anyone here gay?" David turned a deaf ear to the question and left the room. Since then he's been questioned repeatedly about his previous relationships, but he's simply maintained that he hasn't had a girlfriend in six years. That's absolutely true, but he has also omitted mention of any boyfriends.

In the Diary Room last night, David confessed to Big Brother that he "feel[s] kind of, in a way, deceptive," in his interactions with Camilla. She's made it no secret that she's keen on him - something which has not escaped his notice. "She sees a relationship there, which can't happen," said David.

As for when David's going to take the plunge and finally come out of the closet, we can only wait and see. "I feel uncomfortable with the fact I haven't divulged everything," he told Big Brother. However, suggesting that he is happy with the tact he has taken, he added, "I think it's more important people get to know me [first]."

It may be important to David that the HMs get to know him, but he'll need to be careful not to dig himself too deep. That closet could get awfully uncomfortable if he stays in there too long."

Yes, I've been in denial since the first rumour, but still, ;> <; It won't stop me pervin', unless they vote him out for deception when they find out, SPESH Camilla, poor dear... Mebbe now's a good time, seein as they have some 'secrets' task this week?!

And are we sure he's the ONLY gay in the village house?

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