Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow - way to leave that last post hanging...!

In other news, I got a mark back for one of my units this morning.

You may/may not be aware, but uni has been pretty much THE bottom priority for me this semester - I am not proud of anything I've handed it in. If there was a way for the tutor to detect the embarrassed and ashamed look on my face as I slid my plastic sleeves into the box, I would have gotten a good talking to.

The unit I had this morning has been one of my favorites in my whole degree . It basically describes how a lot of things in my area should be done - meaning I understand a lot of it, I am able to act like one of those annoying mature age students that hogs the participation marks because pretty much everything in the unit is related to my job, and I enjoy seeing just how poorly my area is being run so that I have some vitriol come staff survey time.

Last week, the tutor told us that 30% of students in his tutorial had failed the recent assignment - my calculations had this at 3 - 5 people in each of his tutes. I scanned the room and came to the conclusion that all of the other people in the class seemed like the type to be trying in the unit, leaving me in a poor position. He went on to mention that some of these fails were due to not referencing and because I know I referenced I asked him to clarify how much of the 30% failed because of that - his answer: half. He then went on to mention some people had assessed scorecarding in their assignment, which was wrong. I had referenced scorecarding in my assignment . In what was probably another poorly though out manourver, I asked if we needed to pass the assignment to pass the course - his answer: no. This hasn't made the stress of the last week any easier to bear - I've woken up from a dream where I got the assignment back with a mark of 4%. Then all of a sudden it was 51! Then 23 and so on and on.

This morning we were due to get the assignments back. He reiterated there had been a high fail rate, that you didn't need to pass the assignment to pass the course, that he wouldn't hand them back until the end of the tute so that things don't get thrown at him, and that he wouldn't be speaking to anyone about the marks until at least 24 hours later, so that people had time to calm down. I spent the next 90 minutes getting clammy and awkward - I'm sure it wasn't my imagination, the room was having ice cold then humid warm air pumped into it alternatingly.

He handed my paper to me.


'What is it out of?!' I squawked.


Praise the Lord.

You'd think this would serve as a kick-in-the-head warning that I have totake uni seriously, with exams being two weeks away, but we all know how it is likely to turn out*.

*Then again I rushed around like a madwoman yesterday getting my car back out of the repairers so I could get to uni at 3 to practice for our 3:30 presentation for another unit, only to find out a message was posted on the website at 3:45 stating all classes for that unit were cancelled for the day. So perhaps I only owe one unit some effort....


Aaron said...

Well Done!

I'm just like you, freaking out about assignments

Good Luck with the exams

Enny said...

aaron - thanks! Good luck with yours :o)

Jamie said...

Good luck!

Enny said...

jamie - thankyou!