Thursday, May 01, 2008

Words words words

There are so many said, and so many left unsaid.

The things that I want to say to him, to try to put into words exactly how I feel and why it is all so important to me.
The things he wants to say to me, the 'I told you so' and 'I hear you but I'll never feel the same'.
The things she wants to say, to explain the hurt and a plea to just listen.
The things they want to say, that it is all too confronting and painful to discuss, now or ever.
The things unsaid to them, an explanation to prevent it happening again.
The things that we think to ourselves.

The curt smile, the rolling eyes, the crossed arms.
The tears for a friend that passed.
The straying hand reaching for the body that is no longer there.
The eyes showing they know they won't be here forever.


Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, are you all right? I hope you are, and just doing a bit of writing. :;hugs::

Enny said...

amanda - it's not so bad...! See below :o)

hs - yeah, I am - I was just doing some writing.

I stop myself from nagging.
We will always have different views on things.
Two friends are fighting.
Someone is leaving because of ridiculous conditions.

For all the talking that we do, people hold so much back - People make things so much harder than they need to. And when you think of those that are no longer here, you realise what a waste of time and effort all the pettiness and secrets are.