Thursday, May 15, 2008

My gift to you: Erica & Enny Weigh In

So - things around here (my middle) have been getting broader, and it seems it's not only happening to me. Chatting at work the other week, myself and two others decided we would start a bit of a healthy team bonding thing, and work together to lose weight/get fit.

Monday 19th was designated the start date (as one of us is going to Sydney to shop/binge all weekend first).

I was talking to Erica about this and it ended up she was keen to start too - Monday 19th became her 'start' date.

On Tuesday evening I came home and messaged her that we should totally co-blog our efforts to keep ourselves motivated - not 10 minutes later she'd whipped up a site and an awesome header! We have some basic rules - we're planning to post every day if we can; and if we have only negative things to say, then we have to back it up with two lovely things; and we'll weigh/measure in each Monday.


We present.

Without further ado.

To you.

Erica and Enny Weigh In.

If this is coming to you via reader - PLEASE click through, just to see how awesome that girl can be with a glass of wine and her super awesome art skills.

Laugh at our lame jokes.

Call us out when we're getting lame.

Motivate us to keep going.

Join in!
Share the love!

See you soon :o)


Erica said...


I shouted so you could hear me from Melbourne.

Enny said...

Erica - It woke me up! ;o)

Jamie Lovely said...

What a great idea for a blog! You guy s are awesome. That header is great!

Enny said...

jamie lovely - isn't she clever!