Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I don't like what the paparazzi does...

...(especially to poor Britney!), but seeing these pictures of the usually stunning Mischa Barton make me feel a little better about me:

(Pictures from here.)


Cléa said...

Ditto. I'm sick of seeing airbrushed and photoshopped celebs. Now I can tuck into my chocolate cake :P

Enny said...

clea - it's nice for them to be realistic about it all - like even skinny people get it :o)

Teej Mahal said...

Curious question... why does that make her 'not stunning' anymore?


Enny said...

tj - okay, as discussed ;o) I think the word I meant to use was 'flawless'. Prior to these pictures, in all honesty, I was neither here nor there on her - but now, I all for her! She lives a life of partys and junk food and she scrubs up real good - a real person, who just happens to get totally airbrushed in magazines, and is showing us how unrealistic our expectations can be! Even though she's super p!ssed the pics got out...!

Also 'usually stunning' just means she's not totally stunning in the photos above ;o)

Teej Mahal said...

Ah, but my point remains... why should her ass having hail damage make a lick of difference as to whether you like her now or not? It's not a skill, or a talent, or a personality, or something that she offers to society. It's just... an ass. A lumpy ass.

I'm playing devil's advocate here, I know, but its just something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Why do we comment on something like this at all?

Thinking, thinking...


Enny said...

tj - I don't think she has much skill, talent or personality either way, so it's not like I thought she was great and now she's super awesome - I just knew she was around and that was that. Celebrity (women) in the media are typically portrayed very unrealistically - you've seen all the ads and emails with the 'before' and 'after' touch up photos? You have to admit that when you see someone who is constantly portrayed at a level that is completely unattainable (how can she be so thin? and eat so much crap? without a stray hair or zit or bump?) portrayed realistically, you feel a little better about yourself.

Perhaps you already feel totally confident and proud about yourself and your body :o) (not all of us do).

There is now one less person out there who is all the more 'perfect' than me - she really is just another woman with a lumpy ass and thighs. Which gives hope that there are more 'women on pedestals' that aren't all that they appear. If everyone had cellulite and was SHOWN with it (instead of having it airbrushed out) it wouldn't be a big deal. But it's seen as undesireable and something to be ashamed of. When really, (sh)it happens.

Also - will this make me want to see her next film? No. But, I don't hate her for being able to do whatever she likes and not having a bumps and zits and folds and lumps.

It's jealousy, pure and simple :o)

Teej Mahal said...

Oh, I can assure you that I don't have total confidence about how I look :) Far FAR from it.

What I've been trying to work out is *why that is*. What's causing it?

We've all got lumps and bumps, even the celebrities. And we KNOW this on a logical level, but we still believe the airbrushing when we see it. Which, in turn, is why it 'shocks' us when we see the reality shot in the cold light of day.

Not trying to be belligerent hon. It was just an interesting topic to debate.

Enny said...

tj - i know :o) I have a lot of trouble articulating what I mean/think.