Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dress me up!


Please ignore the fact I have man shoulders.

And bulky arms.

And some side boobage.

Because from Monday I'm back to work on shifting a few kg (I found two of the six I lost) as there is a lowish back on this and I don't have the toight back I used to. I'm also tired of feeeling icky again after two weeks 'off'.

I'm wearing this dress to an outdoor wedding in the Blue Mountains on the first weekend of November - the reception is indoors:

Can anyone suggest shoes/bag/accessories?

Also - please don't bag out my dress! I don't LOVE love it, but I like it.

(ps - the speech went pretty terribly - I almost stopped halfway through and just walked out. Yeah, that bad. Ah well - water under the bridge eeh tee see!)


Enny said...

Oh - and I'm pasty too...

Alex said...

I think this dress looks beautiful! Don't be so hard on yourself. I'd go with a black bag and black strappy sandals. Your shoulders are straight, not manly, and you have no side boobage. De-LOVELY!

DelightfulJen said...

Dude, you look awesome, so just settle!

I am also pretty madly in love with that dress, where did you get it (if I may ask)?

Because the print is so bold I'd go for a pair of black crystal dangly earrings and maybe a matching wide bracelet.

What fabric is the dress made from?

I don't know if I'd go stilettos with that dress, maybe some mid heeled slip ons or some Grecian sandals, and a long, skinny black clutch.

Adam said...

Dude, you just post up pictures of Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz or whoevs and claim it's you. That is not cool, the internetz has no place for your deceptions.

Anywho, the model in the photo looks rad, I'd drink with her. I think anyone who's anyone doesn't leave home without a ninja sword these days. It is THE accessory (for ninjas).

Adam said...

My English is getting really freakin' bad these days. Please forgive me internetz/English language.

LaLa said...

I heart the dress.

I love accessories, ask Mick sometime.

I would go with fine gold sandals, fine gold bangles and some fine black and gold feathers in my hairs.

But that's me.

LaLa said...

How many times can I say "fine"?

Linda said...

Love the dress - it looks gorgeous. I like D'Jen's suggestion of the black long earrings and no necklace.

Last year I swore by Dove Summer Glow but this year I have discovered Palmer's Coco INSTANT tan. It comes on the colour you want to be so no guessing and no streaks. That may help the 'pasty' look if you don't wish to be that colour.

Desci said...

I know I'm being predictable, but black accessories are the only way to go on such a bold print. (The dress is lovely, by the way). I'd say a black satin clutch bag (or similar) black crystal drop earrings, black beady necklace, etc. As for shoes, black, but I'm not really one to ask about shoe stuff, so shape, etc, er, dunno.

Steph said...

Gorgeous dress and you don't have man shoulders! You look smokin hot!

I agree with everything Desci said, the bold print means you wouldn't want to go overboard with shoes/accessories.
With the shoes, something strappy, yet simple, nothing too busy.

Enny said...

Aww - you guys! I should totally do this sorta thing whenever I'm feeling down ;o)

alex - thanks! And you didn't see all the outtakes :o)

d'jen - from a shop here called 'prototype' - they have one in Goulbourn and one somewhere else country/local, so don't think you'd be able to source it yourself up there. I couldn't locate the tag, but is that clingy kinda stretchy material.

adam - I asked her, and she said she'll drink with you too!

adam - forgiven (tho not noticeably worse that 'usual'.

lala - you're an accessories queen?! Hooray! Tho I may not be chic enough for feathers...

lala - 'fine' is as good a theme as a colour!

linda - thanks! I might keep it in mind for this summer.

desci - yeah, the print is a lot more noticable when looking at it I na photo than in the shop mirror! You might not be the one to ask about shoe shapes, but def the one to ask about black :o)

steph - thankyou! I am so going to have to keep my eyes out for shoes now, and that's not really a bad thing...!

Kate said...

I agree with earing and no necklace, black and crystal! Depending on how dressy the wedding is I would go for some crystal type black sounds bogan-esq but there are some beautiful ones out there.

Enny said...

kate - I'm gonna hafta look at the earrings and keep an eye out for the tongs - heh heh, boganesque!