Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm fit, I'm fit and don't you know it

A group of us at work did a bootcamp last month, twice a week at lunch times. It was good fun and my fitness did improve - I managed more laps, pushups, dips, squats and a (slightly) longer plank in the final session - but we worked it out to cost us $12.50 each per session... and there wasn't really anything in there that we couldn't have done ourselves...

Can you see where this is going?

My current boss (I've been in the same team for almost 5 years yet I always seems to be changing bosses) decided that we should hold our own sessions, focusing on the boxing as it was the session everyone enjoyed the most and we both go to cardioboxing classes on Tuesday nights. He sent an email out to the group (most of them from our division at work) to tell them we'd start running our own session. The next week he got a few emails from people outside of the division inquiring about the kickboxing classes we were running - it all got a bit wtf right then, what with the fact I'd also been tasked with running the first class (ie, if ppl hate it, no one will come back). That class is tomorrow.

The introduction relates to two different streams of thought now.

One - My fitness. Middle bro and I have decided to the couch to 5k challenge - apparantly, at the end of 8 weeks, middle bro and I (and one of his good friends) will be able to run 5k. Non stop. That's almost running around Lake Tuggeranong. How exciting!! A big part of this has been I've realised that I will always have difficulty 'managing' what I eat, in terms of fad diets or eating plans. So, I'm trying something slightly different (tho still having the shakes for breakfast and a shake and salad for lunch) and getting myself into exercise I enjoy. Worrying less about what's going in, and more about what I'm doing to get it off. I'll let you know how THAT works for me.

Tw0 - Rebel Sport. For our once a week fitness class I had to purchase some punching gloves and pads, so have been looking around for fingerless non-leather mitts (I hate the ones where your fingers are covered). I looked everywhere and had pretty much exhausted all options, so gave Woden Rebel Sport a call. I was on hold for 10 minutes (I watched the timer on the phone as the hold music got more, More, MORE annoying) before I hung up and called back again. When I finally got someone to answer, he told me that yes they do have fingerless gloves in vinyl. When I asked what prise they were, he told me they had a whole range, from $20 - $60 dollars.

I left work early (no mean feat as I am in negative flex due to having to take 2 hour lunches twice a week for bootcamp) and headed over there. Suprise suprise, only two pairs of fingerless gloves. Of those, only one didn't state them as leather, so they told me they weren't leather. They had no non-leather mits either, so I have to duck over tomorrow and pick myself up some non leather pads from A-mart sport.

I found the tag during cardioboxing class tonight - my gloves are made of leather. And (very obviously) used, hence non refundable.

I just cannot believe that they person on the phone (when it was FINALLY answered) would outright lie out of laziness. I will NEVER buy anything from Woden Rebel Sport again and you best believe I'll be telling everyone I know too.

Methinks I need to get to that lunchtime class and get my endorphins up again...!


alyndabear said...

I hate Rebel Sport with a passion. They messed me around with my joggers last year AND then someone ran into my then brand new car in their stupid parking lot. Totally their fault. I avoid them now. Blargh.

Hey, I did Couch to 5k! And even though it took me a hell of a lot longer than eight weeks, I can run 5k now. (Though only ONCE have I ever run it completely through. Yipes. This unfit bod still needs breathers now and again.)

Good luck!

Enny said...

a'bear - I TOTALLY know how you feel now. It took longer than eight weeks? Can you eat whatever you like and still miraculously lose weight from it!? ;o)