Saturday, May 26, 2007

Job stuff's stuffed stuff

This isn't a work rant as such... it's kinda like a call for opinions, but my mind is already kinda made up AND I'm not expecting too much response as it seems I have to do boring stuff while everyone updates and comments during the week, and then I'm doing nothing but the internet on weekends while everyone else is doing fun stuff.

Anyways - when I got back from holidays I was informed that our team has been identified as being affected in a 'thing' that's going on with government areas around the place. Basically, in the next 12 - 18 months, 8 people from my team of 10 will be of no use anymore - the system they support is being replaced with a new one and managed by someone else.

The majority of these people have worked together for the last 10 years or so - under my boss' boss. They are the main reason I like my job - I work with fantastic, hardworking, lovely people - the majority of whom I would consider good friends. They help me out to make me seem smarter than I actually am, they keep the system running amazingly without recognition and they're always genuinely interested in each others lives.

When I was informed of the upcoming change, I was also told not to worry as I (and one other guy) are 'out of scope' and won't be 'excess' - our branch head will try and keep us somewhere in the branch, else we may get moved to another decision. "But don't worry".

It hasn't been talked about too much at work, I guess people are trying not to think about it - until this week, when one of the guys forwarded me a job application - I presume half jokingly.

Here's the lowdown:

- Classified two levels above my current position (of which I only secured within the last 4 weeks or so, after over 18 months at the classification lower than that) - However the pay scales differ such that it could be considered only one classification higher than my current;
- Different organisation (I've only ever worked as a pube in my current organisation); and
- Pretty much the same as what I do in my current job but with a bit more of a 'grownup' twist.

The classification thing is a bit of a worry, as I'm not yet that confident of being 'worth' my current classification - although I have acted in it for like 9 months or something.
Pro: More pay!
Pro: Would get to keep this classification if I transferred to another organisation from there
Con: Scary to consider being that classification.

Being at a different organisation is a bit scary too - having only been a pube for less than 4.5yrs and only ever under the one boss' boss and in the same organisation and building and even the same row of bays in the at building. There is a bit of a trend of people leaving the organisation too - the team that was mentioned when the option of staying in the branch was discusses is about to lose their best (and my favourite) team member.
Pro: Dadsy and Eldest bro also work there (in different areas, so it's not dodgy)
Pro(ish): The only other guy I'd be happy to work with (out of my team) is leaving too
Con: Having to meet new people - I'm not much of a meeting people person.
Con: Moving away from my friends (and other staff) at current job
Con: Min 30 minute drive to work (rather than my current 7 minute drive)

The work is slightly different too - my current job but with some extra stuff that I don't currently do - 'analysis' 'workforce planning' 'people management'...
Pro: Obvious room for growth
Con: Not actually qualified/trained to do that sorta stuff
Pro: Surely they'd train me in it?

Thinking about it sends me round and round in circles...

My boss has looked after me so well so far
BUT she can't hand hold me forever
BUT I won't be working with such awesome people
BUT I can't work with them anyway as the team is going to be thrown out anyway
BUT I'm out of scope so should be thankful
BUT it's not my fault I'm out of scope - I always seem the be the last one to leave a sinken (or sunken ship)
BUT I know the data at my organisation quite well
BUT I didn't know it when I started there, so I can obviously learn
BUT I rely a lot on my team members for help
BUT surely that's the same everywhere

et al.

Anyone wanna be me for while?

Application closes Thursday.


Anonymous said...

i reckon go for it Enny. Your teams dissolving anyway so no point really considering the people factor. I've been in my job 8 years and i feel like my skills are getting stale and that i'd need total retraining to do anything else. To be able to move to a job that i could kinda do, but with new things to broaden my skills and challenge me a bit would be brilliant. Grab the opportunity! People are most always supportive of a new member, never be afraid to ask questions if you aren't sure of something and try not to let the classification thing influence you too much, they're just a guide, be confident! peopel rarely walk into a job and are able to do it all perfectly, you'll be fine :)

parisian cowboy said...

Yes, I think also it would be positive if you go for it.

gigglewick said...

Having just been through the new job thing after eight years in the one place (although not the same job the whole time), I'd say the following

1. While you can't go back to your old job, you can always go for another one if you don't like the new one

2. Never, never, never let anyone make you feel like you are "lucky to have a job" - this is the worst in employer evilness.

3. Everyone's always apprehensive about trying something new. It's a brave thing to do, but it's also brave to stay.

Whatever happens, if Oprah is to be believed, it's for the best....

Good luck!


DelightfulJen said...

Your circle reasoning is all normal stuff. You can't expect to have the same boss forever though. I was a bit like that with my 2 lady bosses at Insurance Company but then they got seconded to do another position, so I had to get new bosses anyways. Even if YOU stay, it doesn't always mean your boss will.

You don't know for sure if your new workmates aren't awesome, maybe you have to work with them to get to know them better.

You are right, you'll learn new stuff just fine and I am sure helpful teams are fairly common in any area of any business.

I think it would be a good move, it's good to keep learning new stuff and trying for stuff that seems a bit scary at first. They won't give you a job that you'll be absolutely unable to manage, so if you get the new job then of course you'll be able to manage it, Enny :D

Enny said...

anon - Thankyou! If only I knew your TRUE identity to thank you properly...

p'c'boy - I guess the positives could outweigh the negatives...!

g'wick - 8 years in one place is a good run - my old immediate boss left and came back, and there was no real issue with that. Your comment on the guilt is true though - a coworker was saying that the loyalty thing is a bit of a pain, because it's making her stay through what is going to be a miserable 18 months. I'll be sure to keep Oprah in mind!

D'jen - that's right - Other ppl seem to move all the time! It's like the martial arts school - I kinda fell into running it after everyone else left. They may well be just as awesome over there too - and it would be THEIR fault if they hired me and I was totally unck, not mine! :o)

Though now of course I have to write it et al - I may not even get to the interview stage!

Desci said...

Count me as a 'go for it' vote. It sucks that things are gonna change, but just be your usual sunshiney self and aaalllll will be well (/zoidberg)

Enny said...

desci - can I be sunshiney AND conduct claw-plagh?!

Martie said...

Do it - take the challenge. You'll meet good new team members, and you'll probably surprise yourself at how well you go without the help from your old team members.

Good luck with the application!

Enny said...

martie - I gotta look at it like a good challenge, rather than a scary bad one - thanks! :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm first anon (blenny). i think i've only commented a coupla times but i stop by most days to see what's happening. I keep having trouble with stupid word verification or my password and it ends up being easier to be 'anon'!

Mick said...

You know you can do it Enny! I think it sucks that you have to drive further that I am 10 minutes from work, it's a whole new world!

Mind you, I worked 20-40 minutes away for nearly 10 years, so it's a big change.

But, this isn't about me. It's about you! Good Luck. You'll kick arse and they'll love ya.

Enny said...

anon/blenny - well there you go! :o)

mick - I borrowed a book and got some hints off eldest bro tonight, so we'll see how it all goes...

Mikey_Capital said...


I hate the 'you have nothing to worry about speech'.

I've survived about 9 reorgs in my 10 years in the PS. My number has to come up eventually...

Enny said...

m'capital - 9 in 10 years?! WOW!!! I hate that all the oldies are like 'oh, it happens all the time, whatevs' and make me feel like a child for getting a bit freaky over it...!