Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lazy Enny's Pasta Dinner

So - not sure what to cook for dinner tonight? Why not try my lazy pasta!

You'll need:
1 bag pasta (Penne or spirals)
1 jar vegetable pasta sauce (usually tuscan vegetable - check the ingredients for no added cheese, milk solids or cream)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 jar No Name sliced olives (they're there for texture, not taste!)
1 small packet of pine nuts
1 small container semidried tomatoes from the deli
Squirty Basil and Squirty Parsley (from the squirty tubes in the veggie section)
Garlic in a jar

Boil your water and put in your pasta.

While your pasta is boiling, heat a frypan and brown the pine nuts - take them out and put them aside once they start to brown because their oil will keep cooking them after you take them off the heat.

With the saucepan still on the heat, add a little olive oil and a teaspoon of garlic from the jar - keep stirring it so it doesn't burn, then add the sauce, diced tomato, jar of olives (drain the juice out first), the semidried tomatoes and a generous squirt of each of the basil and the parsley (that's the fun bit of dinner).

Simmer the sauce till the pasta is ready, then drain it and add it to the sauce.


It's quick, easy, filling and makes enough for dinner AND lunch for two people!


Deb said...

thats not lazy pasta! lazy pasta for me would just be the bottle sauce on the pasta...

but i suppose it doesnt taste half as nice :P

Enny said...

deb - if I could stomach the acidic taste of bottled pasta, I would. We started by adding the diced tomatoes to dull the burn, and then found a few more things made it gourmet-ey ;o)

m. said...

living walking distance to subway has made me perhaps the laziest cooker ever, but that pasta sounds neat-o

Amanda said...


Rosanna said...

Lazy pasta :) That made me laugh. Not sure why.

DelightfulJen said...

Sounds good Enny! Thank Jeebus for gluten free pasta or I really would have had to end my life.

Not so keen on the olives though, I prefer a good handful of baby spinach leaves, they wilt in the heat of the sauce and it's all very nice.

Enny said...

m - I guess for the price of four subways you could get four meals - they'd just be a bit of a change (does your subway still do the stamps to get free sammiches?!)

amanda - enjoy!

rosanna - I guarantee you can make it in your trackpants (well, not IN your trackpants, while you're WEARING your trackpants)!

d'jen - excellent! You're more than welcome to switcharoo - the spinach does sound good!

racho relaxo said...

Ooh I think I will make that -- but replace the olives (blech!) with eggplant (mmmmmm) and maybe add a few more veggies. Delish!

Enny said...

r'relaxo - that sounds good too! Though, I made eggplant lasagne once and it upset my stomach something chronic! A coworker things there's something funny in them, but if mighta been a one off thing.