Friday, May 11, 2007

Wake up Call

We received a phone call at 6:30 one morning while we were in Bangkok - a wake up call that was 'accidentally' sent through to the wrong room.

This was the same hotel where you'd often get 5am, 6am and 7am wakeup calls as a bunch of feral kids ran up and down the hallway (can you tell I just wasn't a fan of the place?).

This morning I was given an interesting wake up call as The Hun was up and jogging straight out of the room just after 6am.

I was understandably puzzled, but not for long - I soon heard the contents of his stomach rapidly finding a new home*.

So - what's been your most interesting wake up call?

*We think he's ok - no rash, no muscle aches, no fever - so perhaps a bug that middle bro had earlier in the week and managed to pass on even though he's feeling fine and they only sat next to each other for 90 minutes at dinner last night.


LPC said...

I guy once called me at 2 am asking if I wanted to play chess.

Enny said...

lpc - I can only imagine how you reacted!

Youngest bro told me a good one tonight - that he saw Max (the latest family dog) sitting on the edge of an alternate universe near a waterfall and staring out into space. A voice asked him "why is your dog so sad?" and he replied "because he just realised his own mortality" and he said you could see the moment the dog realised he was mortal. He was then woken up by Max jumping on his chest (something that he never does). It sounded beautiful.