Thursday, March 15, 2007

Waste of a Day

Anyway that my day could be wasted today, was wasted.

I wasted time this morning sleeping in because The Hun watched the second last episode of the last season of The West Wing and I egged him on to watch the final (like you'd want to watch the last one by iteslf) - an error in sending the files to the Xbox meant that the final episode stopped halfway through and a scramble for network cables et al ensued, pushing bed time back until after 1am.

I wasted my day checking the fax for a bank statement that shitty St George need to send me. My original Guess bag (the one that played a starring role in NerdFest I: Where it all began) developed a tear in the lining above the zipper inside - it's less than four months old!!! I chucked out the receipt and don't keep my statements (my bad) so I have to get a statement faxed to prove that I did purchase it so that I can swap it over, and the bank charges me $7.50! So I got the fax yesterday and the waify slow teller dood ordered the WRONG statement (ie, before I bought the bag) though faxed it to me within an hour. I've made FOUR phone calls since yesterday lunch nagging him to send the correct one and it STILL hasn't arrived - I think they're having trouble working out how to send it to me without charging me a ridiculous fee. I also sound like a dirty perve because there's no direct number listed so I've been calling the home loan centre part in there and ask to speak to the guy with the ring of two hands holding a heart on his wedding finger. There was nothing else of interest on the guy and he was so slooooooooow at serving I was just staring at it.

My girly financial sense tells me that even though I have a new bag that I'm betrothed too, I'd be better off getting a replacement for old goldy than getting my money back - I got him on sale for $90 something when he was worth much more (there was a double discount at the time I bought it) but if I exchange it I PRESUME I'd get one worth what he was worth? I'm thinking of a lovely little black one, but I'll keep you updated on that.

I wasted an afternoon in my lecture as it was just a guest lecturer pitching his product at us. I didn't learn anything and it lasted less than hour of the two hours scheduled AGAIN.

I wasted an evening in the tute as I was told I was meant to have a draft ready of an assignment I didn't know was even going on.

And I've wasted my time almost posting a request for help with working out what accomodation is near the Hordern Pavilion as DAVE MATTHEWS HAS RESCHEDULED HIS SHOWS TO WHEN WE'RE IN JAPAN AND NOW I CAN'T GO!!!

I don't believe it!!!


Amanda said...

Boo to banks. I'm about to go. I can guarantee the plebs in crappac will a) be rude to me, b) ask me to repeat myself 3 or more times, or c) stuff up.

Well done with the supreme time wasting. You appear to be quite good at it.

Deb said...

Bah! How annoying! I hope you get your bank statemtent soon, i cant believe your bag is falling apart after only a couple of months. Not on! Those damn asian sweat shops. No quality I tell ya!

*so jealous you're going to japan*

flashman said...

The West Wing rocks! We watched a few episodes from Season 2 last night. S7 is very good also.

Also, your CD rocks! Thanks Enny :)

Enny said...

amanda - I'm sure crappac is as spectacularly craptastic is st crap. And I'm a woman of many skills ;o)

deb - I got it on Friday - they sent it at 5:10pm on Thursday after I'd requested since Tues/Wed! I'm plan to update as much as I can to ensure it almost feels like you're there too ;o)

flashman - It's a bit of alright, innit! I got lost somewhere in season 3 and only half watched, but I enjoyed what I saw. And glad you like it! :o)

flashman said...

Just realised I need to learn some other adjectives besides "rocks" :P

my word verification: bslicy - indeed!

Enny said...

flashman - that's ok - at least I know you take them both in high regard :o)