Saturday, March 10, 2007

Busy Bee Week (please Gawd, no more)

So last weekend was a hive of activity round here - three updates in three days!

And then?


Uni is back on and I'm into week three - I'll save you the ranting about how sh!t it is and instead provide you a rant about my lack of time:

Monday: Work - Martial Arts - Family Dinner - Home at 9:30
Tuesday: Work - Uni - Makeup trial for Wedding - Home at 10:00
Wedneday: Work - Karate Kids - Martial Arts - Marital Arts Dinner - Home at 10:30
Thursday: Work - Uni - The Hun's Family Dinner - Home at 10:00
Friday: Work - Travel Agent - Ross Noble - Home at 11:00

So all this week, I haven't been home after work to listen to podcasts, update or even get a good read in on my blogs (let alone clean, do uni, read, eat properly etc)!

So, I have a few dotpoints to catch you up with (otherwise there's too many posts and I'll forget what I was going to say and I know you hate not knowing every ridulous point about the mundate parts of my life).

  • Haircut this morning - $190. I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE - the girl was half an hour late to start, was VERY rough with the foils, used water that was too hot such that I pulled my head out of the sink, yanked at my hair, cut my fringe too short AND it was only a TRIM and foils - not a CUT and foils. Who pays that much for a manky trim? Not me, again.
  • Passport arrived this morning - the fuzzy vaseline affect was a bit of a help, believe you me.
  • I think I drank some curdled skim milk this morning - is there any risk of food poisening with that?! I feel fine so far...
  • Saw Ross Noble again last night (as mentioned above) and although he was SUPER FUNNY he wasn't AS good as last year? I smiled for the whole 2.5 hours but there was only one or two OUT LOUD laught.
  • I fell in love again - with a handbag. I saw it at Myer and did a cheesecake dance, I went back another day and showed my boss and tried it on and she told me we were made for each other (the bag and me, not my boss and me)(as lovely as she is) and I've spent many a day pining over him... here he is:

  • Mocha Guess Gabrielle. Yesterday, my boss OH SO CASUALLY dropped to me that Myer was having a 25% off sale for bags over $75, so maybe we should head over at lunch time. And we did and he wasn't there - I was mini distraught until I fetched a lady to check the backroom, and in the glorious back room we were reunited again. With credit card in one hand and mobile in the other, I paid for the bag and called mumsy to ask if she'd pay it back for me for my birthday, and it was done. And then at D'jen's suggestion, I took it home today to show my parents, and "suggested" I'd take it now and the 'suprise' part of my gift would be the birthday gift. SO HE IS MINE AND I'M TRYING TO PICK A SUITABLE EVENT FOR HIM TO MAKE HIS DEBUT. He's my winter bag, and slightly larger than my current summer bag (sorry to those of you who already received an email from me entirely dedicated to the bag).
  • My foot is healing nicely - there's still two holes in my foot and last night I finally stopped the whole rinsing foot in warm salty water and hairdrying each night (I got tired of it) but am still keeping a bandaid on it. ALTHOUGH, the left side of my big toe and right side of my second toe are pins and needled ALL THE TIME. Is that normal?!
  • We draft booked the rest of our holiday, and I have a question for the worldy ones out there. The accomodation that is available to book through the agent is somewhat limited (ie, only 6 places to pick from in Tokyo) - is it safe to book overseas accomodation from here and then have it all magically work out when you get there? We'd need to work some out for Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Bangkok and Tokyo. I'd reaaaally appreciate any advice on this one as I'm pure panic at the thought of rocking up overseas and finding the hotel doesn't exist/they "can't find" our booking/they don't speak English etc etc.
  • Meeting some Canberra bloggers tonight too - Squee! Nervous/excited/anxious/thirsty.


DelightfulJen said...

There is NOTHING worse than a bad haircut, except maybe a bad, expensive haircut. I just hate it when they don't do a good job, I am extremely pedantic about my hair so I hate it when hairdressers don't understand that :)

In terms of the accommodation, we've always booked if before we've gone and never had any problem. If they did "lose" your booking or something you can actually call your travel agency to make them suss out what's wrong, or maybe even your travel insurance would be able to help as well. You could also go to another travel agent and see if they have more options for accommodation than your current travel agent.

I know what you mean about comedians not being laugh out loud funny, I found Little Britain a bit like that. I would love to see someone who has be in tears of laughter for the entire time.

P.S Again, fantastic handbag, I'm so glad you get to have it right away :D

Mummy/Crit said...

Hello Enny. Nice to meet you. Have you tried Martin Pearson for total laugh enjoyment. He'll be at the National this year, or at least I assume he is, so I'm sure you can fit him in around the lovely Rory.

Enny said...

d'jen - I know! I'm getting more used to it but I am DYING to wear it up tmr - The Hun has insisted it be down as I paid so much for it and I hate feeling it all up in my face! I think we're going to do the online book - everyone I've spoken to has been confident about it, I guess it was just my inner worry-wart kicking in. I'm sorry to hear Little Birtain wasn't THAT awesome- I'd love to have been able to see them (and I'm glad you love the bag too - I'm taking him out tmr!).

m'/crit - Nice to meet you too! I will TOTALLY be at the festival this year - my family are all going now that we know Rory is gonna be there (my parents said they knew he was in the country but didn't see him in the website?).

Rhiannon said...

ooh i've been wanting a guess bag for ages, when was this sale on at myers? is it still on?????
i really should keep an eye out for sales like this.

Amanda said...

Did you get food poisoning from the milk? I don't think you would... I guess you were drinking soy milk or some other plant derivative- I think it's pretty hard to get food poisoning from plants (but not impossible), so hopefully you're alright.

I can't see the pic of your bag :( I think my browser and blogger aren't really on speaking terms at the moment.

$190 on a trim and colour? Proposterous.

Enny said...

rhiannon - it was on Friday - I'm not sure if it's still on? My boss comes in late and walks thru Myer on her way in and saw the sign... I wouldn'a known otherwise!

amanda - no! It's kinda suprising, but kinda not... It's a Mocha Gabrielle bag - I copied the pic from eBay, but should show... And I'm STILL appalled at the price I had to pay!