Monday, March 12, 2007

Blogmeet - Canberra edition

Blogmeets are interesting experiences, that are yet to go unnoticed by those around me (unfortunately!).

When I met up with Erica in Melbourne, eldest bro and his gf were there too.

When I met up with D'jen, Adam, Nat, Deb, Jac and TokenWoman in Qld, dadsys persistent questions about exactly why was I going to Qld so early resulted in him lecturing me on the dangers of meeting people from the internet who pretend to be people that they aren't really.

When Desci and Bob made it up to Canberra (alongside Kerces and RandomGit) I was approached by no less than three different people the next day asking 'who were those goths you were with?' (Canberra is tooooooo small).

So, I shouldn't have been suprised about being questioned by middle bro's friends 'how are your blog friends?', after having dinner on Sat night with Ducky, Mummy/Crit, TJ, Dean, Foo and Matt!

I was (more than a) little nervous about this one - everyone else had met up before so I was totally the gatecrasher- not helped by the feeling of my hair clamming down on me, the heat and the nerves making me sweat like a steamed puddin' and the 'accidental' removel of my name from the email that updated the location of the blogmeet...

But I had a delightful time! I learnt a few things about testicles, party themes, folk festivals (I STILL can't find when Rory McLeod is playing?!), being dooced and what people have read that I've written (TJ found my secret post, which is only fair as I found one of hers once!). It really was wonderful to actually meet everyone and I hope there's another one soon (I'm totally up for guitar hero)!


Teej Mahal said...

I can assure you the removal WAS accidental.

I'm too scatterbrained to be malicious.

But it was good to get everyone out and in public. Nice to finally meet you as well.

Enny said...

tj - no no, that's fine - I just had to remember to ad that part ;o) I wanted to do the piece by piece thing about how lovely ppl were, but I ran out of ideas after you, ducky and krit (as that's who I talked to the most!) and didn't want anyone to feel left out :o)