Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

(If you are the delicate type, you may wish to skip through this post!)

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that one of my cousisns (the one we visited in Melbourne) and I used to get variations on the same gift for Christmas from relatives - the same thing but in different colours or patterns. One year we both got given a letter writing set that included talcum powder (I think to make the letters smell nice?!) and we used these kits to write letters to each other - nothing that interesting as we used to see each other fairly often anyways.

Somewhere along the line it came out that at some stage when she was younger, my cousin was so ill that she was sitting on the toilet AND throwing up at the same time - I then started to address her letters to Miss Poo and Spew. I can't be entirely sure who she addressed her letters too, but I'm pretty sure that it was related to the time I picked up my dog and patted him on the back like a baby and he threw up on me.

I should have realised that she would have to be in a pretty sad state of affairs to be pooing AND spewing, but I guess I never really realised how bad she would feel.

Until last night.


I didn't have too much of a big night - we were about to walk down to xhmM's place when it started BUCKETING DOWN rain and hail... here's the view when we were about to leave, out the front:

and out the back:
(The pics do it no where NEAR justice - it was hailing and the rain was pouring down at 135 degree angle!!)

So we waited a while and then caved, driving the Swift down the road, then waited 5 minutes in the car before xhmM's gf realised we were still not inside, and let us in through the garage.

I had four cruisers and three frozen daiquiri's, and felt fine the entire night (with the exception of seeing the embarassing footage of me at the reception from the wedding we attended in November!) and we headed off just after 1am as we were only sitting on the couch watching video hits (it wasn't ALL that boring - the wedding ppl brought extended family who were responsible for dropping glass, unlocking the toilet and pushing the grooms head through the toilet window AND spilling a glass of red wine all over the carpet!).

I was settling to sleep at about 2am and mentioned to The Hun that my tummy was feeling a bit crook - my head felt fine and I wasn't drunk, but I felt queasy... at 4am - DISASTER struck. I woke up and figured it was just my body getting ready to release some of the water I was drinking before bed (just in case) so hopped up but almost fell over - I was quite dizzy. And once I made it to the bathroom? Well, I'll skip over the finer details, but there was sweating, almost retching, some blind moving from the seat to the floor and back again, ringing ears, shoulder pain, dizziness and the toilet mat ended up in the bin.

I'm feeling better today (I felt a lot better when I returned to bed almost an hour after I last left it though there was some shivering), but have stuck to boiled rice, water and a Gatorade thing - there is NO WAY I want to risk feeling that crook again.

Though I'm not sure what did it - I only ate 2 pieces of toast with nuttelex, a bag of salty chips, two nut burgers and two rolls, but it wasn't the lack of food that did - something must've been dodgy... I'm THIS close to emailing my cousin to apologise (again) for all that 'tween' nastiness.

Anyways, hope you all had a fun(ner!) NYE and I promise to have a non-toilet post up soon!


Jennifer said...

D'Jen said...

OMG, Enny, that sounds so bad!!

You poor sausage!! I'd suspect the nut products, sometimes they can go dodgy without you really realising.

Could there have been something put in your drink? I've known someone to have a drink spiked once and she had a similiar reaction.

Glad you are feeling a bit cheerier today though :)

P.S The rain is my fault, I was out last night, sorry :P

Jey said...

I was also going to suggest drink spiking but it appears you were only chilling at a mate's place so not very likely.
I hope you feel better soon.

Enny said...

d'jen - I know! *sniffles* I have the feeling it had to be the nut burgers - I didn't check the date, just grabbed the open box out of the freezer... though you wouldna thought there'd be anything in there to go off! There were only 12 ppl at the party, so don't think it was a spiking - but it was still TERRIBLE! Don't worry about the rain ;o)

jey - yeah, not so likely but I also didn't leave my drinks unattended... though the girl was making cocktails and I didn't see the first one being made! Not feeling so bad today, but headachey and tired - though that may be due to the lack of caffeine etc!

Adam said...

Holy Moley dude!! That's super hardcore! Um, Happy New Year?

Melly` said...

Get well soon! And a wonderful New Year to you! (Has to get better really hey?)

M said...

oh lord! I hope you're okay now! I absolutely *hate* throwing up. happy new (ew?) year :)

Amanda said...

oh no! Glad you're feeling better, hope you're back to full strength now. Must have been awful :(

Steph said...

So NYE gave you the shits?
Bahaha! Sorry. I hope you're feeling better.

Deb said...

oh no! hope you are feeling better now! The bf was pretty sick on nye but it was all due to drinking too much and some dodgy maccas im sure.

hey Enny, can u reconmend an animal friendly shampoo/skin care products by any chance?

Enny said...

adam - no, it was TOTALLY SOFTcore. End Story.

melly - thankyou! It has only gotten better so far.

m - me too! I haven't done it for years so I was panicky about remembering what to do and how to do it!

amanda - feeling great now - I had a redeye this morning and the caffeine helped a fair bit too!

steph - that's right - I totally lost bowel control! (Hope you're feeling better too)

deb - thankyou! *ugh* dodgy macca's... hopefully coz I'm not 100% sure what did it, I won't be turned off the nut burgers - they're my fav!

And absolutely - I use Natures Organics - you can get them from the Woollies/Coles and I have their shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face scrub and body wash - I also have Simple brand moisteriser. Let me know how you go with it!

ChickyBabe said...

I hope you're feeling better now, and the NY is looking happier!

Enny said...

CB - Thankyou - It's been a WHOLE lot better already!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Thanks Enny!

Also, I remember you mentioning that you were thinking of getting some nutrametics products a while ago... I was doing some research on cosmetics NOT tested on animals and discovered that Nutrametics have actually had their accrediation with the CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) group revoked...

More info on CCF accredited products here if you are interested:

(altho you probably already know about it)


Enny said...

Deb - My nutrimetics lady gave me a list of products they have that DO contain animals so I know which ones NOT to buy (I think from looking at the CCF site they didn't get it because some of their products do contain them?) - but luckily I've finished my run of parties and shouldn't need to buy anything more from them. Thanks for looking out for me though!

Aussie Rock Chick said...

Hello! What a sucky New Year's!! The sick part anyway. This should make you feel better...

A few months ago, my friend won an overseas trip - three nights in Hawaii - and took me. Lucky me, right?

The first day was wonderful, we checked into our gorgeous hotel, hung out on the beach, went out for dinner... where I had the lobster.

The next morning, straight after breakfast, I felt a little queasy. All of a sudden, I had to go to the bathroom.

I spent the next 24 hours in the same state you described - having to rush for the loo and having things attempt to come out of both ends. And I am not a chucker. It takes a lot to make me vomit. It was horrible.

The following day I felt a little better, very weak but managed to see a bit of the island. The next day we went home.

That could be the only time I ever go to Hawaii, and I spent most of it throwing up or passed out.

So I can fully sympathise with your terrible New Year's and now hopefully you can feel better that you are not alone in your misery!!

Enny said...

arc - that sounds terrible! I couldn't imagine it lasting 24 hours - it was THE worst hour of my life!!!