Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Do you tube?

I was a bit late getting on the YouTube bandwagon - even now I'm not all THAT good at is, preferring to stick to a few of the well known ones that aren't cool any more.

So I'm going to give you the links and you can tell me if you get into it or not (ie, I feel bad I haven't posted but since Sat and I think my posts are getting more space in between and I don't like that byt I'm still trying to timetable all my stuff please forgive me don't hate me).

I found out about LonelyGirl15 after it came out in the news as being a shock-horror fake - only then did I realise that it was something that people liked and were upset about, so thought it was worth a look.

Bree is the main character - I thought she was pretty cool at first but now I kinda find her annoying.

DanielBeast is her 'friend' but you know there's a lil sum'n sum'n going on in his head, and she refuses to admit it. I quite like him because he's geeky but The Hun says it's obviously fake because they put the nerdy guy in with the hot girl to make the loner subscribers feel good.

Gemma is a twat. She's really an aussie and she annoys me with her puffy mouth and fake accent, tho I will admit I do think she is pretty too. She knows Bree from when they were younger and was the third 'player'. There's also been some recent changes in her site - it seems someone has taken over and is posting their own videos...

Jonas is yum. I'm not quite sure how he got in other than he helps Bree and Daniel out a bit earlier in the piece. He boxes and he's funny and I have an image of him shirtless in my mind but can't remember if it was in a video or if I made it up.

I had managed to keep on top of it all and watched them pretty much in order as I got in before Gemma and Jonas came into it - so if you can do it that way it might make some more sense.

This afternoon as I was sitting down to surf blogs before hopefully posting something new, I found out there are another two players in the game - and I don't get to catch up until on the weekend!

It's hard to tell who/what 10033 is - a sister, a brother or an ex?! I don't look at the forums or any other sites, so if the video's don't make sense I'm gonna hafta get my detective cap on. Tachyon too - I have no idea!

OpAphid is a new player - though from the previews it seems that they're responsible for the dissapearance of Cassandra - a friend that Bree and Gemma have mentioned in their video's from when they were younger...

Anyways - if it were to be turned into a movie I don't think that I'd be into it. Maybe on video? But I have the feeling I'm a bit above the target age group. Plus Bree's play on cutesy pisses me off - I know longer find myself subconciously twitching my mouth.

Lemme know if you're into it/Have any info to share/Have any thoughts on it!


Jey said...

Haven't seen Lonely Girl but I'm a huge fan of Hope Is Emo (http://www.hopeisemo.com/) and I fear Lonely Girl could never live up to my expectations.

Enny said...

jey - I've opened it up and will check it out... mebbe keep clear of LG15 in case it makes you sad...

GBE said...

Enny! I check for LG updates at least once a day, but I do it via lonelygirl15.com - through the site, all of Bree, Daniel, Jonas and Gemma's videos are archived together on the left-hand side, and all of the fan-type ones (Tachyon, OpAphid, 10033 (Tachyon's "brother")) are there too, under Video Comments.

I don't know what to make of the plot at the moment, I'm just expecting that at some point in the future, Bree and Daniel will Get It On. While all of this Order stuff is going on, and after what happened with her dad, all I am thinking is "Would you just get it on already? Sheesh."

I am shallow.

Thank God they brought in the eye candy (Jonas). He caters to my shallow needs.

Oh, and you should most def check out Nikki Bower, too. Her vids appear on lg15.com, but her YouTube account is here. She hasn't been confirmed as a legit part of the story, but it's pretty likely because she revealed the Order's 'eye' symbol before it ever came up in LG.

Gah. I am sad.

Enny said...

gbe - oh hooray! I went to the site and I find it a bit confusing to get around... though perhaps I should give it a try! In a way I'd like her to get with Jonas coz he's so hot, but then I'd feel bad for Daniel - at least Jonas is used to being alone... perhaps they should move into a share house and just be a threesome - it's proddly the only time I would excuse that type of behaviour!

Now I'm looking forward to the weekend and catching up on it all =o)

Enny said...

gbe - ooh - are those ALL the vids in order down the side there?


Does that include the three noobs?

GBE said...

On the left, it's just the four 'official' characters (and yep, ALL 112 of the vids!) - the others generally show up on the right, or you can view their profiles and it'll show all of their videos (Tachyon's here, for example).

The site runs a bit slow though, which is the downside - there's hundreds of people who just sit there refreshing the page over and over, waiting for the next video or to read the latest comments people have left.

I guess it's just handy to have one site to visit to see whether any of the characters have posted anything.

As for this threesome business, with ideas like that you should create your own internet mini-drama - you'll be a squillionaire in no time!

Enny said...

gbe - woooOOOooooh. Maybe I can use THAT site to touch base, then load through YouTube because it's quicker? Tho I do check those four main sites at least once a day! If it turns up in the storyline - YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!