Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Fame

Now, I wasn't planning to post today - I whipped up a dodgy cartoon for Adam last night and thought I'd be right until Tuesday night... but as The Hun is sick in bed I'm playing Queen Domestic and doing the washing up and some laundry - there was a lull in the middle while waiting for the machine to finish so I jumped back on and checked out my statcounter (jus keeping an eye on those keeping an eye on me) and found a few links from one page I didn't recognise.

Remember this post where I pasted THIS smh article?

It's resulted in this and this and this (that I've found).

So if you've come here due to these discussion things, can I please say:

  • I didn't write the article, Samantha Brett of Sydney Morning Herald did; and
  • The article was pasted (and referenced!) for people to discuss their views, not as something I've taken at face value.
I hope this clears up any confusions and my next 'reference' post can be less fraught with incidents*.

*Though I do kinda like being portrayed as the victim** in all this.
** A sincere one, at that!


lol said...

It is always wise to do your own research on these matters. As we understand, Schlessinger is required to be factual if asked, but she doesn't have to answer. That's a main tactic for her in Santa Barbara (for updates on Schlessinger's paper at ). She has zero behavior science degree. She does have physiology degree, her teacher said she did something like remove fat from rat testicles. Whatever, psychologist is wrong and should be corrected. First, by legitimate journalist. Second, bloggers of conscience. We hope you're a "sincere victim". You have a nice blog. Many blogs knowingly pass on misinformation, we just don't want you to be on that list.

From AJR, December 2006/January 2007 The Sound of Silence By Susan Paterno

"The paper's recently hired local columnist, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the syndicated radio commentator, requested that I send her questions in advance before she would 'commit to an interview,' she wrote in an e-mail. As I was responding to Schlessinger, I received a call from Mike Paul, who described himself as "Dr. Laura's global PR consultant." He said Schlessinger is "a global brand, and she gets media opportunities all the time. If you don't provide the questions, then we can't help you." A few hours later, he followed up with another e-mail: 'Let me be more clear: Dr. Laura and her team have decided to not participate at all with your story.' "

Samantha Brett of Sydney Morning Herald and Mike Paul are the people to contact. I don't think Mike Paul would directly answer wrong, that would be a legal matter. She has no psychology credentials. The MFCC she had long ago was counsel, not medical, and that's long lapsed. If a person is going to refer to her or link to misinformation it would be good to do thorough research. Google is 99% her PR, but there is more legit info when you look. We aren't familiar with the Sydney Morning Herald, in the USA there are papers that willingly lie. Brett should do a correction if she hasn't.

Enny said...

lol - True - While I was more interested in the response of other people, she shouldn't have started with an article of misinformation.