Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sad Panda

I consider myself to be a funny type of people person. I get anxious around new people, becoming either dead quiet or totally overcompensating, The Hun says I'm different with my friends than I am with him, and I seem to spend a fair amount of time feeling that any problems that people are going through are also a burden I shoud carry and something I should fix.

The Hun is camping with friends at the moment (back tmr!) so I've spend a lil time pottering about by myself. I was at xhmM's house last night (he is camping so was watching movies with his gf and another friend) and had tried to book myself to spend today doing something too, so sent around an email to see if anyone was going to the 'nats this weekend - I've never been. Although I knew of five different people going, not one of them contacted me today to organise something (with the exception of youngest bro who messaged at an ungodly hour to say he wasn't going so I shouldn't wait for him - though I didn't hear it, I finally think I've managed to block out my message tone while sleeping!)

(You can also tell I'm home alone as I'm rambling)

So after getting out of bed mid-to-late morning and realising nobody loved me, I hopped on the scales as I have been doing all week. My weight has gone up 800g since Monday. In fact, it has been going up all week (with the exception of a few 100g loss on Day 2). So I moped about this a bit and decided to eat half a bag of rice crackers and mope. This didn't help. Then I decided to try on my two cocktail dresses - neither of them do up. This also didn't help. So I decided to run some washing. Needless to say that was NO help.

So I decided to take up Jey's advice and head out the Belconnen markets.

And the store was lovely.

And this is what I bought:

Cheese!! Thanks Jey!! I tell you, this stuff is so good grilled on toast that I may or may not have almost finished it all already... the expiry is the 12th, so I figure it's gotta go soon anyways... This would also be a good place to tell you how I was preheating the griller and then found out 10 minutes later I had been heating the oven, not the grill... but it's not really that much of a story and proddly not really worth a mention.

Do you know how many different types of this stuff there are?! It was all very stressful - a recipe I have saved up requires 1tsp of Miso, but that's all it says! Hopefully it works out okay...

Because vegan deoderant is hard to find. Well, effective and nice smelling vegan deoderant has thus far been hard to find - this will be my fourth attempt in just over 7 months, what with the tea tree one (too strong smelling), the Lush bar (it hurts to rub on) and the salt water (ineffective and drips).

(Soy Ice 'cream')
How could I not! I was a mopey girl home alone for the weekend and there's something quite cathartic about eating icecream out of a tub for dinner. And while I feel quite full, I don't regret it. Yet.

(Cellulite Cream. Ugh)
Let's not skirt around this, hey? It's hardly 'Life is beautiful' in my pants. And it needs to be fixed. And no, you don't need to tell me that cheese and ice cream aren't going to help because I know that, which is why I bought the next product:

Detox! Although technically, the product I bought next was actually this:

And I didn't realise I'd bought the wrong one until I was home and I was going to traipse all the way back across Canberra to return it, so I stopped past three seperate smaller shops before I went to Tuggeranong to buy the one I actually wanted - middle bro said he'd buy it off me - Hooray!

So yeah, tmr I kick off a bit of a detox - having been inspired by Deb, methinks! I'm ready to go to the gym tmr and I'm feeling motivated - I have to strike the balance between healthy and quantity (mebbe TOO many beans this week?!) and I'll taking DOWN the chart I have on the wall and chart myself by how I fit into the cocktail dresses until the bridesmaids dress comes in.

I've stopped concentrating now coz Clueless is on - Enny out!


Chesty LaRue said...

Hee. I decided to give in and watch Clueless tonight too. For some reason it's one of those movies I can forgive all it's many many many flaws and just find adorably cute.

Good work on the purchases, Enny. And don't worry too much about the scales. I'm sure it's temporary.

Enny said...

C'larue - It was your update that reminded me it was on tonight! I loved it, STILL! Yeah, here's hoping I get my shit together ;o)

Jennifer said...

The Slim Detox one is actally quite nice, it tastes like tea.

I might even buy myself some if I come across it in my travels.

P.S The Nerdfest was good, but you made it just that bit more special last time :D

Jey said...

Hooray for the big score at the markets!

R.E weighing yourself regularly and going up 800g: You've probably been told this before or already know this, but it may be a better idea to, say, weigh yourself once a month at the same time of the month, the same time of day. Womyn's body weight fluctuates and drops throughout the month due to menstruation and the like. You could gain 800g during one week and it would have nothing to do with putting on permanent weight. Weighing yourself fanatically will drive you nutty.

Jey said...

Oh, how much was the Cheezly?

Enny said...

d'jen - I don't like tea! When I was reading it yesterday I was thinking it'd be stupid to mix it with cordial coz that would kinda be against the point, but when push came to shove... in went the diet apple and raspberry cordial! I'm glad to hear it had potential for more awesome in the form of me ;o)

hey - double hooray! And yeah, I know it's no good, but when I'm actually losing weight it's motivational to see that your behaviour the previous day earnt you a few 100g loss... needless to say after the cheese and icecream I was away from the scales - I'll try again a bit further into the detoz stuff.... and I'm unsure how much it was! I'd say like $3 or $4 but I threw out the docket coz I didn't know how much the cellulite stuff was and didn't want The Hun to come accross it and say 'you paid how much for this?!'!

Enny said...

jey - d'oh! typo! That should be 'jey' not 'hey'... (I jus typed 'typo' as 'type'!)

Enny said...

jey - (3 comments! special!) I jus found the receipt - $8.99. I ATE ALMOST $10 WORTH OF CHEESE ON SIX PIECES OF BREAD IN 24 HOURS!!!! *crisis*

Jey said...

Crikey! cheaper to order online with a bunch of other stuff, that way the other stuff breaks up the cost of the postage.
I guess for a special treat, though.
And it is delicious.

Ooooh, I like being special! :p

Steph said...

That ice-cream looks deadly!! I want some.

Enny said...

jey - The price was totally still worth it - it's not going to be an 'every day' treat... mebbe a monthly/two monthly treat (however often I can be bothered to drive out there!).

steph - it TOTALLY is - you would not BELIEVE the texture of the brownies (tho keep in mind I've not had slice or cake for just over seven months!).

Adam said...

Duh! Why didn't you just come to dinner with us, it's like an hour flight tops. You could have been home by midnight.

Enny said...

adam - I knooOOOooow - but too expensive! Plus if I was there, I wouldna been to bed BEFORE ONE! PARTY ON!!!

Amanda said...

I think you make me feel simultaneously guilty (for not being good and doing helpful things like detox), and jealous (because now I want cheese, ice cream and brownies).

I was sad I didn't see Clueless. It would have been awesome to sit there and laugh at the '90s awesomeness.

Enny said...

amanda - there there, don't stress! And while Clueless was good, not QUITE as good as it was when still in school!