Saturday, January 27, 2007

BDO Wrapup

Am back!

BDO was fantastic - my first and mebbe not my last? I will admit I was a little put off by the sheer number of lolly pop heads in shorty shorts, but there was also a fair share of the opposite, so it kinda evened out. That said, almost ALL the guys that were there were drunken d!ckheads, with the exception of a few old men who must've been going for years and just won't give it up.

We got in there at about 10ish and went straight through to get the grog wristband 'just in case'. A quick glance at my ID got me straight through (The Hun's ID didn't even get looked at!) and the lines were the quickest thing I'd ever seen.

We worked out where we were on the map and made our way to catch three songs of Richard In Your Mind. They were alright and cute - a bit geeky with all four were wearing glasses and shouting out "Who likes physics?!... huh huh, huh...."! They also had song about gravity and a memorable line "If the skeleton wants to dance, then I'm a dancer too" or something of the sort... pretty good for a new act, nontheless.

We then headed over to sit on the grass for Devoted Few who were also pretty good - we were sitting on a rain poncho (the whole day was overcast and the grass was wet) so couldn't really see through the crowd but the lady on the keyboard had a funky red fringe. The Hun has picked them to become more popular in the upcoming years, so keep an ear out.

We good some food and listened to a little of Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males but only heard a few songs - I didn't recognise any of it and was anxious to get a good seat for the next act... and a frozen red fire engine! They both won out and we headed in to see...

Angus and Julia Stone and they were my pick of the day! The place was totally packed out - we secured a seat and then managed to spot Middle Bro, Eldest Bro and Eldest Bro's friend on the stairs - just as Middle Bro was messging me to see where we were. We managed to save two seats but they dissapeared... only to find Middle Bro at the end of the show TANKED. Yup - I thought the lines and the prices and the grotty toilets would be a deterrant but there were a LOT of drinkers out there! Anyways, the music was fantastic and lovely folky, Angus is soooooo cute and Julia was telling us how she had her wisdom teeth taken out a few days ago and she was spitting out stitches through her trumpet. It was also during this show that I heard some young things pointing to an afro in the crowd and saying 'See! That's her! From Sneaky Sound system!'.... The Hun pointed out that they were talking about:


but actually seeing


I think that's about when we went to look for where those turkish flat pide things with spinach in the middle were being sold but we couldn't track them down so stopped for a 'gourmet roll' - and the losers put mayo on my veggie wrap! I ate around it and then sourced some (more) hot chips and headed towards the Boiler Room - on the way there The Hun stopped for the bathroom and these two guys beckoned out 'Hey you! Come here! Can you put in my contact for me? Our hands are too shaky...' to which they got 'Ew! No! I hate eyes!' and a turned back. Until The Hun came out and I told him what happened and he coerced me to go back and offer to help... I tell you what, there is NOTHING as DISGUSTING as poking two fingers into some randoms eyes to get a dancefloor contact to sit - especially when you gotta do it a few times after it flicks back under his eyelid... ew! But, I got it in for him and went to do the other guys, but he just couldn't open his eyelids wide enough to fit the contact and he kept blinking when I got close which made me jump... and I DREAD to think of all the germs they were putting in their eyes!

Anyways, we made it into the boiler room to see Lily Allen - hooray! She was my third fav act of the day - mainly detracted by the pushy little b!tches who shove their way past without even offering a 'sorry' or 'excuse me'! I couldn't believe it!! There was one REALLY rude lil twat who was literally shoving her way through people - a guy pushed her back and she turned around and delivered one of those angsty emo middle fingers that only stuckup tweenies can deliver - hilarious! Anways, she was really good - the place was packed out - she took a pic to put on her MySpace as she said it was her biggest crowd yet, but it's not up yet! She also paid out Chris, the drummer from Jet who she said threw a lit cigarette at her face which she paid back with a glass to his face, and then dedicated 'Not Big' to him. We also stood behind Fuzzy the whole time! She's very small and thin and had a few girls wave to her and guy come up to ask her what time she was playing today - she must get that a lot! Getting out of The Boiler Room was CHAOS - it was like a cattler herd for like a few hundred metres - absolutely insane.

We managed to hear a few songs at the end of My Chemical Romance who weren't as good as I hoped - but then we didn't hear them all. With much prompting The Hun conned me into the D but we walked straight out as soon as we were in - it was too packed!

So we moved across to listen to Eskimo Joe who were pretty good too - I'm not that big a fan of the latest stuff, but The Chifley House had the album before in pretty much permanent playback the whole time I lived there, so it was good to be able to sing along to a few of the songs. There was also a bunch of wankers with a rug thing who were prompting people to lay on it while 12 others would fling them up into the air like a trampoline - it was always courting disaster. Some twiggy little thing decided to hold on to the edge of the cloth and got flung up and around - I was sure she landed on her head but she looked dazed and a lil shook up. The wankers kept moving forward and asking more pople to come hold the edges - as if! Luckily they stopped after not too long, but not before the mat went left as the guy went right - some poor guy stood up and was bleeding from his tooth. Wankers - they really needed their mothers there to tell them it was OBVIOUSLY not a good idea.

We moved back accross to see John Butler Trio but by this time I was getting just a liiiiiiittle tired - I was a bit pouty, my feet were sore and I was anxious about the crowds coming up. I also didn't know as many songs of theirs as I thought I did - I shoulda made MORE of an effort to get to know the songs!

We headed out for a trip to the bathroom where I got to hear my first lady spew of the day (disgusting!) and managed to find the vegetarian stand (yummy samosas and not as yummy spring rolls) and went to listen to Dappled Cities Fly who were WAY TOO LOUD - we couldn't sit in there! So we sat outside and were a bit dissapointed - their MySpace made them sound like they'd be really good and croozy, but they just weren't.

We then headed off to find The Streets but found the spinachy pide things - I HAD to have one after talking them up to The Hun but couldn't even eat half! I was such a piglet this weekend - back on the CalorieKing wagon this tomorrow! We headed in but he was hard to understand, though we did catch the song that I like - 'When you wasn't famous' which I love.

We headed back down to the main stage for Muse - they were absolutely fantastic!!! My second favourite of the whole day, awesome stage presence, great use of the stage and screen and I just can't help but love a group who rocks out so hard AND uses the piano!!! Very highly recommended - you missed out!

And then - one of The Hun's favourite bands - Tool. I though I knew a fair amount of their stuff, but there was only four of five that I could actually 'sing' along too. But they were also fantastic - my fourth fav of the day. It's fantastic that they're still playing and releasing, and hugging at the end of each set - they were really great and I'm glad I got the opportunity to see them.

When it was time to move along, The Hun managed to pick the rest of the boys we were with - The D was so insane that Eldest Bro's friend lost his shoes and he just had to get out of there. Youngest Bro also told us that his shoe fell off and he leant to down to fix it and got knocked down - he put his hand up and luckilly someone helped him up - that's INSANELY DANGEROUS! Not to mention the number of stories about the number of guys peeing in bottles... So we all headed off to see Crystal Method where we got split up again - I'd just bought my two glowsticks and started to get into it when we all got the message that everyone else was going home. The trains were packed and I got accosted by some guy on drugs asking if I was writing something about karate - I though he might have been talking about my tattoo but it wasn't on show... so I just backed away slooooooooowly.

That was pretty much that! Now if only Basement Jaxx would play in 2008...


ChickyBabe said...

You got to see Muse?! You lucky Enny!!!

What did they sing? I'm insanely jealous!

Enny said...

Cb - I did! And I knew you'd be jealous ;o) I've only really listened to Absolution and two of the newer singles, but I recognised a lot of the songs - we were trying to work it out on the trip home but I can't remember them all, it went for just over an hour and it was AWESOME!

M said...

sounds very cool!

guys on drugs talking nonsense? - sounds like a successful BDO to me :)

Enny said...

m - it was! And the guy was funny in retrospect - I thought maybe he recognised me from Martial Arts but it became quite clear that he didn't... Eldest Bro was laughing because he was watching but couldn't hear what was going on and saw me talk to him, look confused and then just back away from him ;o)

Mick said...

Muse were definitely my highlight! I thought Eskimo Joe were great and The Herd as well.

Fantastic day out and I thought the crowd was damn well behaved.

I agree about the 'D'. It got pretty crazy in there, but that's what a mosh is all about!

ChickyBabe said...

Over an hour of Muse... now I'm really jealous! Did Matt look good on stage?

Enny said...

mick - weren't they fantastic?! Were you in the D?

CB - I tell you what - they all looked HAWT. I can't describe how fantastic it was to feel all that energy coming from just three people (and playing keys! rock keys are so sexy!).

Jennifer said...

I can't believe you touched a random's eye, that's so beyond bizzare. I personally wouldn't let a stranger touch my eye, you are way nicer than me! I could have squealed if someone wanted me to put in a contact, I can't even watch someone else do it!

The weirdness of the crowd is pretty much what makes BDO what it is, but I suppose with a good few tens of thousands of people in any are you're bound to get the spectrum of human behaviour.

Lily Allen would have been good to see, and Angus and Julia Stone.Do you reckon you'd go back another time?

Enny said...

D'jen - I KNOW! It was gross!!! Normally I can't even look either, so mebbe their fumes were affecting me... I do think I'd go back again, but I'd want to know there were good bands playing - it's good because the main deterrent has always been that everyone would be too cool, but there were still plenty of people uncooler than me.

Halliwell said...

Buuuuury it,
I won't let you BUury it,
I won't let you SMother bit,
I won't let you Murder it....

OUR TIME IS RUuuning out,
OUR TIME IS RuUning out,
Can't push it under ground,
Can't stop me screaming out......

I waited Soooo long for that song
Easily the best at the show followed by the killers then a tie between eskimo and sneaky although sneaky were bumped forward an hr and a half thus clashing with eskimo.

Enny said...

halliwell - it was great wasn't it?! So how did you you SSS and EJ?

Aussie Rock Chick said...

Jesus Enny you packed so much into your day!!! Way impressed and jealous!! Muse and Tool would have been the ones I'd have paid the big bucks for but I have seen both before so decided to hang onto my hard-earned. But those were the highlights of the boys who went from my band. Last time Muse played BDO the piano lit up or something - can't remember exactly but I remember it was awesome. Angus & Julia Stone is an interesting favourite... I like their stuff, I will have to check them out live.

PS haven't commented on your blog b4 so "hi!"

Enny said...

ARC - Did I ever! I hadn't seen either before and proddly wouldn't have gone to see their shows, so it was a good way to get my money's worth! There was no light up piano but he did play guitar behind his head! I LOVE them - I had heard Paper Aeroplane and Private Roads but didn't realise they were the same people, I'm so glad I worked that out on MySpace first (I think I'm folky at hear!).

And "Hi!"