Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fian-say #4

Today we went to look at reception venues.

It's all a bit real how, huh?

Magf, eldest bro's gf and I had brekky at My Cafe, then headed over to the Sculpture Garden Restaraunt at the National Gallery. It was nice enough, and the lady seemed to be very accomodating with the budget, but it didn't really grab me. And to be honest I found the heads in the water to be a little creepy:

From there we headed on to the Hotel Kurrajong - this is my favourite at this point! I've emailed for a quote and hope we can go ahead with it. The room is lovely, there's a great spot for the actual ceremony, and people will be able to hang around there while we go get photos done:

We had a bit of spare time before our next appointment, so we stopped in at the Ottoman - lovely. It fits a good amount of people and wouldn't really need a lot of decoration, but it doesn't really have anywhere to hold the ceremony. Will keep it in mind though...:

We also stopped over at the Hyatt without a booking. I couldn't remember why I hadn't considered it, until they gave us the pricing package! There are a couple of nice places to hold the ceremony, but the reception area was a little perculiar (though still beautiful!) and I think the pricing will be out our range:

We rushed over to The Lobby and hung around until someone in the kitchen finally noticed we were there, even though we had an appointment - the guy told us that the person I was asking after didn't actually work there, so I have no idea what the story is with that. It was a bit small for us anyway.

We had some time to kill, seeing as we thought we'd be busy with The Lobby, so it was decided to try on some wedding dresses...!

There is something very surreal about wearing a wedding dress - it's quite perculiar! The plan is to go to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow, book a venue this weekend, see what date we can get, and then finalise the dress. I've found one I loved and one I liked, so will try some more on and see how we go. The best part is that if we can secure the weekend I would like that is less than 6 months away, I will be able to order in one of the dresses I have tried on.



Lulu said...

You are going to arrange a wedding in six months? You are crazy!!! hehe! You will be married before me (Actualy it is six months to our wedding next weekend I think)

You are lucky to have found a dress you like (and love)- I tried a couple of places and then decided nah, and went to a dress maker. I have a picture of what I sort of want so it should be good- can you send me a picture of the ones you are looking at? Would love to see!

Best of luck this weekend venue hunting- that is one thing I left to my mum to book while i was still in Japan since we knew if we wanted to get married in May that we would need to book fast- I had never seen the venue or been there before before mum payed a deposit. In the end it turned out lovely so I have my mothers impeccable taste to owe for that.

We are having our ceremony & reception at the same place also- it suits us perfectly and I totally reccomend it!

I am going to do a wedding update in a few days as well so you will see what I have been up to!!!

Enny said...

lulu - we will wait and see, The Hun wants a few months break from wedding talk... HA! I would love to see where you're up too - a dress designed just for you sounds fantastic :o) Will see if I can find pics of the ones I tried and will FB you!

Jus had a chat at home and it seems that we have to invite all the cousins... that adds like at least 20 to the guestlist - I am not looking forward to headcount discussions - ugh.