Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big week!

I spoke to a breeder today who is going to get back in touch with me tomorrow. You guys don't know how excited I am about this... or maybe you do, it's all I seem to be talking about. I hope Hope HOPE we get them soon!! My cage is waiting empty, although The Hun keeps commenting that I could fit in there... he better not have something planned.

On a side note, today I completed the largest part of a work project that has been going for like three years. And now that's done, there is two days of work before I start with my new team. Interesting times, people. I'm cautious and excited about it - it's definitely a change and probably for the better, but still scary... and I'm going to miss being so close to my curent team mates (if they think they can shake me, they're so totally wrong).

Lets open this baby up - what's on your mind? Spill!


Sarah said...

Congrats on the birdies!

Cléa said...

That is sooo cute on the birdies!

I've had a couple of birds, as in a couple, make my balcony their temporary home. They come in, eat, drink and have sex! I got kinda attached to them and they haven't been back for a while :(

Enny said...

sarah - thankyou! You will see pics when I have them :o)

clea - heh heh, thanks! They sound lovely... but I hope they come back to say hi soon :o)