Sunday, November 16, 2008

Same as it ever was



I don't really feel any different.

Studying for your last exam is quite an unusual experience. I could tell I wasn't absorbing a whole lot of it, but I knew I felt like that for the other 12 exams I sat this time around. I was memorising my acronyms, trying to tie everything together in my head, and counting down the hours on FB (sorry for those of you who got notified each time!).

I sat down and opened the paper.
I smiled and rolled my eyes.
I let only a little bit of panic through.

I was confident to the point of cockiness for this final exam. My tutor/lecturer is a pretty easy marker, she told us the chapters to study, she told us it would be four essays from six topics, she told us she was giving us a good idea because we were the students who made the effort to come to lectures.

The questions were long answer short questions, tying in different chapters for each one.

Ugh you guys.

But, I'm sitting on 46.5/60, so I've already PX'd... 4/40 is a pass, 19/40 is a credit.

I'm guessing the relief/excitement will kick in after I get my results in a fortnight.

On the bright side, The Hun and I went halvsies in Guitar Hero 4 for my graduation present. It rocks SO hard. I rock MEDIOCRE hard, but I'm getting better. We both think we're the best at the drums, but I'm starting at level 2 and working my way up, whilst The Hun has jumped straight in to level 3. I'll always be better at guitar than him, so I have myself a backup plan.

Whatever will I whinge about now that I've finished uni?!


flashman said...

I love Talking Heads - pity that song's not on GH:WT. But 'Eye of the Tiger' is, so maybe I should still buy it :D

Enny said...

flashy - I'm determined to play it at my wedding, I love it something hardcore... That's not my beautiful wife!!

Also - you should buy it. The guys on Good Game totally recommended it over Rock Band :o)

Adam said...

Dude, you can still whinge about so many wedding related things. Whoa!! It's so very exciting that you've finished Uni forever! Forever, yay! I don't think it'll sink in until you arrive home exhausted one day and instead of dragging your tired behind to the study couch, you can just slouch up a storm and enjoy the life of the non-student.

Sarah said...


Enny said...

Adam - that's true! My study couch is the same is the same as my everything else - I only used it at exam time, or just before assessment was due... but I'm doing my best slouching, just for you.

Sarah - thankyou!