Saturday, November 22, 2008


Almost a week!
I didn't realise.

Let's catch up, shall we?
  • I'm going to a wedding this evening - one of my martial arts students is holding the wedding at his house, and the dress code is hats. This is partly so it looks nice, and partly because by rights it should be hot and sunny. We're expecting a top of 15 today, with potential snow. Nice work.
  • We're waiting to hear from our landlord as to whtether we are allowed to have some birds. I would love a cockatiel and I have picked a name for him already, even though we haven't had permission yet and I'm not sure how to go about it in the vegan-est manner.
  • We spent all last weekend cleaning and gardening for an inspection on monday - technically, The Hun and his parents did the gardening, and I did a lot of the cleaning. It's so nice to have a clean house! We did quite a grownup thing and hopped down to Bunnings to buy our Very First Hammer, some hanging cloth shelves and a wall-cord-place thing. The hammer was to bash apart one of my dressing tables that was falling apart and hogging the wardrobe; the cloth shevles were to hang up all the clothes that were sitting on top of the fallen apart wardrobe; and the wall plate thing was to replace one that was sitting behind our couch that broke when one of our post-it hooks failed and dropped a big picture frame on to the wall plate. We felt very accomplished that day.
  • I've spend a fair amount of time putting all of my saved links and posts for wedding stuff into Google documents - I just love going back and looking through all the pretty things. I can see how women get all angsty post wedding when they feel like they are missing something after the actual day.
  • Work has been a little better - it's odd to think that next week will be the last week I work with the team I've worked with for over 5 1/2 years. Originally, a lot of the stuff I already do was going to come with me to the new team, and I was going to teach my new team how to do it so I could reduce that workoad, and I could learn more from them. Now, most of the work I am currently doing will stay with my current team and I'll be going over, mostly empty handed. I know this is the sort of thing that happens when people change jobs, but it's definitely going to be a change... at least I have three months transition where I hand it over to my current team.
  • Am up to the Sunshine Coast in two weeks, so I hope the terrible weather clears up! We have two days of Dan Camp, but we get to stay at the fantastic place we stayed at in Feburary. Then I *think* we have a free day, then a 60th birthday party for one of my Master's, then a free day before we fly out that night.
  • I went back to RPM for the first time in like over two months this week. On Tuesday, I forgot my special padded bike pants. ZED OH EMM GEE. On Thursday, I remembered them, but I could still feel it all through the padding. Still, lots of fun!
  • Starting next Thurday, one of my good friends is going to come over and we are going to go on a bike ride once a week. This is going to be very fun because she used to ride to and from school as well, but she rode in the opposite direction after a little while, and she was a TERRIBLE rider! Will be lots of fun, and good exercise.
  • Did I tell you guys I met up with LaLa the other week?! We both went to watch Mick play at the Kingo and I had a great night! She is just SO lovely -we have already arranged to meet up again. FOR SURE.
  • We went to a Christening the other week, and the parents of the baby had their camera stolen! They left it behind IN THE CHURCH and it went missing! The church hasn't seen it and none of the guests saw it - but there was another bunch of christenings straight after. Can you believe it?
  • We're booked on a Harbour Bridge Climb in January which should be very interesting - I'm not very good with heights, which I get from mumsy, and I'm a big fraidy cat. But she did it, so surely I can too!
  • We booked it in for the same day we're going to see Bon Iver - I don't mind him, but The Hun thinks he is pretty fantastic. My favourite thing about him is pronouncing his surname as I read it, because apparently it's meant to be pronounced in a french accent. Heh heh.
  • In terms of music we're not seeing a whole much else - we're going to Foreshore next weekend which I'm pretty excited about, and Bon Iver in January, and Good Vibrations in Sydney in February, and that's it! Quite a quiet festival season for us.
I think that's enough for now!


Cinders said...

My mother in law's cockatiel used to call her 'mummy' and ask her how she was in Greek. It also whistled the Carlton footy clubs theme song. They're a very clever bird so hope you're allowed to get one.

Terrible weather for a wedding today, maybe you can get one of those novelty umbrella hats?

Lulu said...

It is over 30 degrees where I am and I am dying- I would trade for the 15 degree possible snow weather.

Plus, a storm is meant to hit about 4pm and have spent the last half hour tying everything outside down but can`t bear to close the windows yet as it is just too damn hot.

I am okay with heights but Shun is terrible ( I am worse with spiers/bugs etc) so I doubt a bridge climb is something we will ever do. Sounds good though!!! I would love to do it

Hope your landlord allows you to get a bird!!! That would be fun!

I have stopped saving wedding are much more up on it all than me. You should share some of your favourites with us- might give me some ideas. Have you set a date yet?

Susanne said...

Hello there!

It feels like frickin' winter in Melbourne today, even though we're a week from summer. It's been raining continuosly. *Sigh*

Good luck with the wedding plans lady!

LaLa said...

Brrrr. Is FREEZING. I am cooking a big vege soup, practicing for when I eventually have you around for dinner!

Enny said...

cinders - I bird-sat one of my friends birds years ago, dadsy made me keep it in my room because he would whistle for my friend all day! He had this particular tweet and I loved to whistle it to him, then he'd copy back and it could just go on and on - I loved it! Luckily they held the wedding inside tonight.

Lulu - no way, it is FREEZING here. So ridiculous! I will let you know what the height is like, it's a pretty once in a lifetime thing that he might just love :o) I just might do that - I have to post the date and location pics that I took too!

Susanne - you're back!!!! We've had rain and storms all week too, heaven knows how we're going to get our washing done! And thankyou :o)

LaLa - we just got home AND the car temperature said 6 degrees. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! And hooray!