Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fian-say #5

Following on from this...

"Mumsy - I think we've found the perfect place!"

"Oh good! I was talking to (her sister) and we don't think you can get away with not inviting the cousins."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Well, you're the first (maiden name) to get married."

"Huh? (Girl-cousin) is engaged - she's been engaged for like a year!"

"Yes, but she's not getting married."

"What?... But... we were already going to cut our list of 115 down to 100 to fit into the venue, that's without cousins!"

"Well that won't do - we had 120 at ours!"

Guest list = 162.

So the venue hunt continued today, with the only two larger Canberra venues I could find that hadn't already been used by friends and that didn't charge over $140 per head.

And one of them was pretty tacky - like if it were the 80's and I wanted a Sparkle-Vegas-Winter-Sparkle-Princess-Sparkle wedding.

So at this stage it looks like the ceremony will be held here:

And the reception here:

Respective families have agreed to pay for their respective relatives. Or else it would TOTALLY be held here:


Lulu said...


And if you don`t want to do that I suggest you tell your respective families that you have your heart set on a smaller more intimate wedding- It must be tough I know.

Best of luck!

The venues you showed though are very pretty!

Enny said...

Lulu - I think we'll always be holding on to that one as a possibility! I have to go back and edit that ONE of them was tacky, and the other was quite nice - that kinda changes the tone, doesn't it! Oops! I'm more than happy to have tonnes of people there, I just don't want to have to pay close to $16,000 for the privelege (for food and drinks alone!)

Desci said...

'Sparkle-Vegas-Winter-Sparkle-Princess-Sparkle' made me squeal with mirth. Love it!

Enny said...

Desci - you should have seen it - I can picture invisible you standing at the back of the room tapping your foot and saying 'oh f*ck no'. Heh heh :o)