Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back attack

Back from my work trip - am tired.

Saturday night I got about 6 hours sleep after the engagement party.

Sunday I drove two hours to Bowral to help facilitate an event for my 'new' team.

Sunday night I got less than 6 hours sleep as I was up late clearing, and up early to participate in a walking group thing as a facilitator.

Monday I rushed around all day, set up for a ball, participated in a ball, cleaned up a ball and went to bed for less than 4.5 hours sleep.

Today I rushed around and got to start the 2 hour drive home.
And I would just like to send my LOVE to the POLICE for setting up VEHICLE INSPECTION on the HUME HIGHWAY less than 10 MINUTES from my House. Meaning the last SEVEN minutes of my drive took more than THIRTY.


No srsly.


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