Monday, January 28, 2008

Public Holiday Musing - vote please!

"Hypothetically", you've just cleaned the toilet and left that bowl stuff to soak around the bowl for the required ten minutes or so.

Now you need to pee.

Do you flush first?


D'Jen said...

yes, I am always paranoid the fumes might disturb my lady parts somehow or that pee might cause some terrible chemical reaction with the cleaning stuff....but then again, I have a tendency to over think things :P

Lulu said...

mmmmm....definitely flush first! Hope you weren`t waiting for your responses Enny-dear! ;-)

Enny said...

d'jen - I don't believe it's overthought - flames always seem to enter the scenario as it plays out in my head!

lulu - heh heh, luckily not!

Racho said...

I would flush, but I can't explain why. I just would.

Waste of water, I guess.. oops.

Enny said...

racho - that's the other side of it, if you flush it, you're not reaaaaally flushing anything, right?