Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post 499 coz I don't know when I'll next be three drinks heavier!

Composed in the form of dot points:

  • Middle bro and youngest bro arrived back from their US trip today - I left work an hour early to rush home to bake a loaf of bread for a rushjob dinner to welcome them home. Seems mumsy and dadsy both conveniently ignored didn't see the part of the email where they were to do salads/sides, so everyone got one piece of bread and one sausage (I had two pieces and a veggie sausage) with some grapes and cherries. They're both still a little holiday stunned (middle bro didn't really sleep on the 27 hours worth of planes) so I'm hanging out for a lot of the comments that will come with the photos when they're up on Facebook (980 photos, to be precise).
  • Coming good on one of my 'resolutions' I have organised to ride to work tomorrow with one of my work friends. The plan is to meet at 8:15 at the school crossing... until I looked at my mums bike (through all the cobwebs) and realised the tyres were totally flat. And that the pump I bought didn't have the bendy hosey bit. So the plan is to meet earlier at my house and he will bring his pump. Only he hasn't responded to my SMS yet...
  • My eating well and gymming has been going fairly well I think - because I am a psycho, have a look at my chart....I don't know if I'd recommend this method or not... on the one hand, it's good to see a downward trend and it's good to feel like your efforts from the previous day(s) have been rewarded... but those days when it doesn't go down, or plateu's or goes up SUCKS. And I know it's the way the body works, and harder when you have all that baby-making-business on your insides... but still:

  • Am going to see Juno on Saturday with gf1, gf2 and eldest bro's gf - should be good... I've heard a lot of good things about it, so hopefully I'm still pleasently surprised!
  • Work has had it's frantic moments as of late... I already had a 'full time' job, then one of the consultants left, so I became the go-to girl for the division head as well. Now, the two people who do the next part of one of my biggest tasks each month have both gone on leave, so I have to do a lot more of that stuff AND I'm currently working between my division and another on resolving one of those things that comes up every six months or so. I might have to meet the division head next week *eep*.
  • The Hun might be hopefully applying for a new job this weekend - he is really Really REALLY underpaid for what he does, he has to work for some horrible people, and he works on the other side of Canberra to where we live. It sucks that someone who has two degrees (with honours!), who knows what he wants to do and loves to get in and get a job done is being treated so poorly and in the position he is in. I would just love for him to have a good job with decent pay and the respect and fulfillment he deserves.
  • Also - he got a speeding ticket last week on the GDE, also known as the most retarded road in Canberra. I'd advise against going 100 like everyone else does, if only for the sake of your license.
  • I have martial arts students coming over tomorrow night for a Wii party because an ex student is up from Melbourne - I offered to host it so I can drink and not have to worry about dirving home! SO - perhaps your questions will be answered tomorrow? How exciting/nerve racking!


Sarah said...

Not to gloss over your bullet points (that chart is dropping so fast! Don't worry about the plateau days), but I am so excited for your 500th post!

Adam said...

Do you think that you and I are friends purely for our combined love of charts?

I should show you all mine some day.

Boysenberry said...

Juno is a great movie. MrsB and myself went to a TripleJ preview screening last week at Manuka. Gawd bless the Js - that's the third movie I've seen for free through them :)

Enny said...

sarah - the last four days have stayed exactly the same (and today is .1 higher!) - I hope it's not anticlimatic :o)

adam - all friends need is something in common, right?! YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.

Mr B'b'rry - would you believe I ALMOST went to that!! One of my friend won two tix and was going to take me if her boyf wasn't interested, but he was and they loved it - THAT COULDA BEEN A SIGHTING!