Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And out the other side

So THIS is what 501 feels like?

Much the same :o)

Justed wanted to drop you a line to say I'M SEEING BJORK IN JUST OVER 24 HOURS AND THEN AGAIN TWO DAYS AFTER THAT!!!!!

I will admit I am a little bit excited, as in very. As in I haven't seen her since I was in year eight and I only knew one of her songs back then. As in now I know them all off by heart and I cannot WAIT for it to happen and I will gladly stand IN FRONT of The Hun while she's playing rather than my typical position of hiding behind him (crowds do funny things to me).

Will be back on Saturday evening (after BDO and some of the Hottest 100 party) and will give you a proper post when I'm back.

Will proddly see at least one of you there!


Bemused said...

501 is your start to get to the 1000th! :)

Have a great time!

Linda said...

Bummer about Bjork dropping out of Sydney BDO. Hope you still have a great time regardless.

Enny said...

bemused - heh heh, of course!

linda - I KNOW!!!! Post to follow shortlyish :o)

D'Jen said...

Dude, I need to hear about your adventures a la BDO!

Enny said...

d'jen - aight - I've started now!