Wednesday, January 02, 2008

48 into 08

So, thoughts on 2008 so far?

It's been lovely and warm which I like, but the warmth has meant going to sleep with the window open and being woken up at 6am on both mornings- this morning it was the birds outside, the morning before (NYD) it was by a gaggle of European backpackers doing aerobics on the oval behind our house. No, I'm not kidding and no, I wasn't still sleeping. I was very WTF and very nearly walked out the front door, round the block and up onto the oval just to shoo them away but they sounded like they were having fun and I don't do sexy-bedraggled when I wake up (it's more ogre-bedraggled).

A lot of the New Year has been spent playing the Wii - I discovered I have a sweat glad surrounding my right hand ring finger that only kicks off in the Medium final battle against the devil in Guitar Hero 3. I also got myself some silver meddles in Wii Play and bemoaned that our Louis 14 didn't get picked for the first few pages of the Mii Channel. The Hun has followed in a similar vein, developing near RSI from his Zelda DS obsession - he said it's not too hard so I might be able to overcome my fear of video games that you can die in (I could never get as far as the bro's and they wouldn't always help me, so I stick to baby games).

I've also fielded a couple of calls from mumsy and dadsy - for all their moaning about youngest bro and middle bro being messy and noisy and eating/drinking them out of house and home, they seem to be seriously missing them now that they're living it up in Vegas. Dadsy got an internet phone installed specifically so he could talk to them every second day, and he's laminated himself a spreadsheet with all of eveyones phone numbers for quick dialing fun. I've also been making a loaf of bread a day with the exception of today - I think I'm having warm crusty withdrawals.

New Years itself was quite good - nine of us were down the road at the house of one of my first housemates. It was four couples and a friend whose girlfriend is currently in Jolly Old England with her family for 6 weeks. The boys played some cricket and badminton, The Hun smacked himself in the head with a racket then tripped and grass stained his short-pant things (he's not normally so clumsy), I drank 8 cruisers over 8 hours with 8 glasses of water, we played some of the Spicks and Specks game I got for Christmas (my team lost twice so I can't say I'm loving it at the moment) and then the boys played "Grubbers" in the street which apparently involves chucking a ball around and trying to get it to bounce up awkwardly at people while I sat in the street with one of the girls and she spilled her heart about the past 7 or so years of her relationship. It was actually pretty nice!

We went and saw Golden Compass last night - we both thought it was pretty sh!t. I'm all for discovering new talent, but a prerequisite is that they actually have talent. The young girls accent dropped in and out, her attitude would change this way and that and I found myself resenting her. And she has weird bulges in her forehead like horns are trying to get out. The highlight of the movie was Nicole Kidman's eyebrows though - I loved them.

We also saw The Darjeeling Limited (which is now SO last year) which I quite liked, The Hun not so much. I really enjoyed The Royal Tenebaums and the film is of a similar vein - nice to look at, a bit arty, a bit of sadness, a bit of humour and it sorta just floats its way through. I've booked gf1 and gf2 to see Enchanted, Juno and 27 Dresses this month, so I'm hoping I enjoy at least one of them (my main driver for Juno is that Michael Cera is in it *sigh*).

I'm back at work and wondering if Nintedogs has a Pomeranian.

(Edit - It does not, but the daschhund version has chow chows and pugs and is also the one I couldn't find in the shops. And in a lovely twist, I was able to spend the last 30 minutes at work playing Animal Crossing - my house got extended!)

Off to Pump class now - woah! It must be the new year!


D'Jen said...

Go dig up fossils, that's where the big money is. Make sure you talk to everyone you come across and write people letters and attach a shell or piece of fruit then they'll send you back a letter with an awesome gift, normally clothes or a fruit that's not native to your town. Good times.

I reckon low key NYE's are the way to go, they always turn out the most fun and you don't have to go and fight with massive crowds. Glad 2008 is off to a cracking start for you!

Enny said...

d'jen - I am yet to get a shovel in my shop! I do lots of talking, but I should do more letters - I've got tonnes of stationary so might do that tonight... I'm guessing the bottle message is good for gifts from other lands? I hope 2008 is a cracker for you too so far :o)