Saturday, May 13, 2006

Because I couldn't NOT mention it

We went and saw Ross Noble last night - The Hun's parents bought us two tickets for our collective gifts.


I've only EVER seen two comedians live, and both have been in the last few months - we went and saw Billy Connelly (B-Con) when he was hanging around the place earlier in the year.

I've been prepping myself - once we got given the tickets I started listening to the 2006 podcasts of the Ross & Terri show, and the soundtrack to yesterday was the start of the 2005 series.

- Row B Seats! (bizarrely enough, the fifth from the front) (we were in the second back row when we saw B-Con)
- Knowing some of the 'in-jokes' due to my 'study'
- The amazing and inspiring way he just keeps talking and looping and detouring and segueing(?!) and sidetracking without missing a beat
- His breastfeeding baby piece, making me cry with laughter and confirming the creepiness of the feeding babies
- His sense of humour (inc toilet humour) was PRICELESS and a lot in line with mine and teh families.

- He can be a lil creepy and intense looking at times when's all close up and pacing like a loon
- His hair reminds me of my hair - I just wanted to rush up there and give him a laccy to tie it all back
- Wankers who go to these shows think they're teh sh!t and insist on calling out/heckling/providing running commentary/laughing louder than necessary

Personally, I rated him much better than B-Con - I wasn't bored, it didn't feel like it dragged on, my butt wasn't numb, I spent the whole time smiling and cringing and crying and being fully engaged, he was value for money (app $35 compared to B-Cons app $95), he did THE BEST Bill Bailey impersonation, I wanna marry his accent and I'd def see him again.

He promised to be back next year, maybe a few weeks earlier when it's warmer, so I'd highly recommend you get to see him.

If you got to see him this year: Noodle Box! Face Transplant! Commonwealth Games!

(also - happy 200 entries Enny - Woot!)


Boysenberry said...

Faaaaaaaaark! I forgot he was coming! :(

Enny said...


Sorry buddy - there's always nex year!

Boysenberry said...

*Sigh* No worries...
For now, I'll just have to download Ross and Terry from Triple J and listen to them at work.

Enny said...

Mr B'b'rry!! I only jus saw this comment :O)

Did you make it in 2007?