Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Remember when I warned you that if you know me you only have you to blame?

...(It's like two posts prior to this in case you need your memory refreshed) - Now might be a good time to click that little cross in the top right corner and come back in a few days (also if you don't want to know me in 'that' kinda way).

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}


Erica said...

Ooooh, interessant!

I too have never seen any porn, unless you count surfing the Abby Winters website after someone saw my picture on my band's website and sent me an email asking if I one of the models was me.

That hentai looks rather interesting...I may have to do some research myself

BUT...that picture captioned "17th century hentai" on the wiki link with the octpus is just DISTURBING.

Desci said...

Have a look at some erotica, maybe? as in, sexy stories. Some are AWFUL, some are pretty hawt.

Also, Cherry Comics are TEH SHIZZIT. Some Japanese stuff is pretty hot, too.

TJ said...



(and a penguin)

Teo said...

I'm with TJ on this one; depending on circumstances, written porn > all.


or slightly more hardcore


If you're still confused and not sure exactly what your 'thing' is, check out a general TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Post) with sorted categories like:

www.ampland.com or www.al4a.com

(note: 'watersports' at these sites do not involve waterskiing or surfboards)

As with all dodgey sites on the net, make sure you have anti-virus running and up-to-date, and probably run a spyware scan afterwards.

Good luck.

Enny said...

Welcome back strangers!

erica - I'm glad to know that there are 'others' - but OMG! Who sent you an Abby link and WTF was ur reaction?! I remember you saying that but I don't think I really realised at the time what that meant!

desci - The Cherry ones seem aight - I'm gonna hafta look in acquiring some somehow

tj - I had to reread the first bit of the top story like four tims to realise and confirm that it was a mum and her son! Same in the second one I read!!! Sure, I'm a prude, but that's wrong!!!

teo - see above. And what if you went there looking for guitar amps?

I tell you what guys, I'm starting to feel a lil vagged out... I gotta start breaking my time up with other things...!

TJ said...

Don't click on THAT topic!

Fuck's sake woman!


I thought that would be obvious!

Teo said...

Helpful hint #483:

All internet written porn comes with codes to help you identify the stories you might like. It should be noted that written porn is not subject to the same laws as photographs and movies.

When reading porn on the internet, codes newbies should avoid include the following:
- inc
- WS/scat/vom
- snuff
- best/bst
- lowercase lettering (ie Mf, Fm, fm etc)
- n/c | rape

'Safe' codes for newbies include:
- MF
- solo
- voy
- ex

Enny said...

TJ - It wasn't a section!! It was jus like the top rated stories BEFORE they go into sections - I swear!!! If I weren't at uni I'd post a lil more evidence, but I gotta make sure I remember where it's NOT APPROPRIATE to look thru it - It's been suggested I only perouse on weekends so I don't get absent-mindedly confused... I'll prove it later.

Teo - You're starting to sound like a seasoned professional there! But thanks for the tips - I'll keep you updated =o)

The Student said...

You really need to get to know me Enny.

Enny said...

That's a bit hard when you're interstate


Erica said...



The email was from some random person. I never heard from them again after that.

And Da Stu is right. He has connections.

Enny said...

Erica - I'll check it out when I'm NOT at work ;o)

Also - what do I need to know about Study-stu-stu? Does this merit an email?!