Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wii intermission

This will only be a quickie - we found out the fine lines we were seeing in some of our Wii games is a video card overheat thing, so I spent the best part of half an hour this afternoon trying to find the receipt.

Pro: I'm a pack rat.
Con: This means I have LOTS of receipt looking papers.
Pro: It was bound to be somewhere.
Con: Lotsa pack ratting means lots of pack ratting places (filing cabinet, memory boxes, bedside drawers, current handbag pockets, current purse pockets, old handbags old purses...).

It was in my organiser (of course! Why didn't I look there first!) and I found the box as well so I'm all ready to take it back tomorrow and hopefully get us a brand newie *fingers crossed*. Bummer is that we forgot to get our Mii's and I lose my Guitar Hero progress.

While I was talking to the friendly shop gentlemen I asked him how much I could get for my much beloved DS games (no longer needed) were I to trade them in. Answer: Nintendogs Daschund and Friends = $11.


So tonight, I foray into eBaying.

Heaven help us all.


flashman said...

I had occasional overheating Wii problems (which caused it to shut off unexpectedly) but I solved them by removing the Wii from its stand (which I think traps too much heat) and keeping it away from other appliances. And I think there was a firmware update which made it run a little cooler.

What games are you playing? I haven't added to my Wii library since Super Mario Galaxy.

Enny said...

flashy - woah! That would suck. We weren't sure what the lines were about - we thought it was just the TV, but middle and youngest bro looked it up for me.

We play Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wario Smooth Moves, Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero 3 and a lame Brain Academy that's had all of 7 minutes play. I only got a little go of Mario on boxing day - The Hun hogged it after that.

Anonymous said...

Your Wii is over heating?! Wow i didnt even know that was a problem! We got ours chipped the other day (finally!) and now we have our 50 billion games we brought back from Thailand to play... only problem is, we have to be super careful not to 'brick' it! Apparently mario bros galaxy is a no-no now... ah well, thats what you get for doing the dodge, eh?? LOL.

Hope you get a brand spankin' newbie :)

Deb oxox

Enny said...

Deb - it was the picture/video card - it just looked a little dirty. The lovely thing was that they gave us a brand new one that same day! Middle bro bought one last weekend and he's had it chipped already - he's in the middle of obtaining copies of all of the games ever created - am going over there tonight and taking Wario Smooth Moves, hooray!