Thursday, April 24, 2008

ePen's eBay eXcite

Well - colour me addicted!

I put four items up for sale last week - three Nintendo DS games and a Sony PSP game. I snooped around a little, looked at what people where charging for postage, photographed my items on my good white pillowcase, ripped off Jen's layout for the ad and started them low at $9.90 a cartridge. It wasn't looking too exciting, with two of the games sitting at about $11 each (what I would have got for trade-in anyway), one sitting at the reserve and one with zero bids on the morning of the last day. However, the last hour? Total excitment!

The two that were at about $11 ended up at $14.50 and $15.50.
The one at reserve ended up at $ 17.59.
The one with no bids ended up at $19.45!
That's over $67 total!

I was stoked - totally casino style with the rubbing of the hands and the chanting of 'more! More! MORE! Pappa needs some new shoes!' - whilst The Hun could only look on his madwoman with a combination of intrigue and embarrassment.

I have received money from two people and mailed their items (postage was only $2 and I charged $6!), one has payment pending and one is yet to get in touch with me. Which is fine. Because I am TOTALLY fine with advertising all over again.

Now, should I do some jewellery or shoes next...?!


non-Blondie said...

oh my god it's so addictive isn't it? You end up scanning your house for saleable junk.

This Target bath bomb grandma gave me 3 years ago that's lost its scent and been ever so slightly gnawed by mice? Retirement fund!

Sarah said...

Yep, you can sell anything on eBay (and I will most certainly buy it!)

Enny said...

n-blondie - It TOTALLY is... I have more than once wandered through the rooms of my house wondering what I can unload onto some poor sucker :o)

sarah - Excellent! ;o)