Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whingey almost Wednesdays

Oh, you guys, I think I've got the whingies.
I'll do y'all a favour and try to construct it around dotpoints, and perhaps the merry little dots will make it all not so bad?!

  • I took Friday off to catch up on uni work. So you know what I did? Woke up with one of my eye migraines, sat on Facebook and my Reader for 6 hours, wrote two lines of one assignment, got a major eye migraine, napped for 90 minutes, brought in the washing then went out to dinner for The Huns birthday. Totally. Not. Efficient.
  • Saturday I took The Hun in to get a haircut (I can't believe I just wrote 'headache' just then) because his hairdresser of like 20 years has changed shops so he thought it might be time for a change. But he didn't know who to go to. And he wanted to go to a girl because the one time he deviated from his girl hairdresser he got an ugly bowl cut. And he didn't want to call up asking for a girl because that sounds sleazy. And he didn't want to go alone. And he didn't know what he wanted done. Boys! *sigh*
  • After the haircut (I played Cooking Mama while it was being done) we picked up some supplies for the party that evening, got home and cleaned a bit, then I had lunch with Jey (who was visiting Canberra for her brother's birthday) and we both had awesome burgers at Satis. It's pretty hippie BUT the food was great, and the taste I had of Jey's dessert was divine - will hafta take The Hun back there! It was great to catch up with Jey (yay nerdfests!) and it was also entertaining to be told by a toothless guy that the actor that plays Ray Romano's brother was shopping in the IGA next door - I have no idea if that was true or not...!
  • The Hun's friends came over from 4, I stopped after four drinks at 7pm with a headache, and as a sign of our aging most of our friends had left by 10:30pm, with middle bro, youngest bro and The Hun's workmate leaving at around 11:30pm. Sunday was spent sitting on my ass playing Scramble on facebook. Way to go with the study there, enny...
  • I had a test this morning and I wasn't overly stressed about it (probably helps explain the lack of serious study) - it's like the only unit I've ever done where the stuff just seems to make sense. It helps it combines a fair bit of info from units we've done before and stuff that I do from work. Perhaps I've found my calling in human resource management?!
  • On a similar note, the other unit I'm doing is complete shite. I have an assignment due this week that is worth 7.5% and needs a whole bunch of d!cking around to complete it. So instead I whine about how ridiculous it is for them to ask us to price financial modeling software instead of trying to find out some financial modelling software prices. GAH.
  • Work has killed me this week, and it's only Tuesday. Who knows what will come tomorrow?
  • I love the whole end of Daylight Savings where you get the extra hour but I am totally stuffed. I might try and nap a little - I promise to start that assignment tomorrow...!

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