Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr The Hun!

Today is The Hun's birthday!

Point of interest: The Hun is 8 days younger than me.
Point of interest part2: The Hun's mum is 8 days younger than my mum.
Both of our mums were the same age when they had their first born!

Weird, huh?

He's had a good day so far - he forgot to set his alarm and I'm having a day off to study (no, really, I HAVE to study today!) but I luckily woke up at 8am to check if he was meant to be at work. Turns out he was, but he still had time for his presents - I got him some track pants so he stops stealing mine (my lazy pants!), The Panics CD (I wanted to get Whitley but the guy kept referring to Chris Whitley and that didn't sound right) and a self-inflating air mattress (he wanted a fishing rod and I downright refuse to buy him one, so the air mattress was a compromise).

We're off to dinner tonight with his parents at Rama's (one of our favorite restaurants that we try to go to each year for Valentine's Day) which should be awesome... and somewhat monuental because MY HAIR WILL BE OUT!

Those of you following along on Facebook may have seen the change already! Here's a photo of me from the last time I got my hair cut (they curled it as well!):
And as at last night:
Ten years of highlighting means that I had to dye my hair to get it near my natural colour - very exciting, how I luvs my new hair!

Updated (check out the colour!):

Okay - I promise to stop talking about it now!


Desci said...


Enny said...

Desci - how weird, I'm listening to you right now!!

Enny said...

(and thankyou!)

Teej Mahal said...

I have to do the complete opposite and lighten it five shades to get near my natural colour.

Sounds like too much bloody effort.

Rosanna said...

Oh my god - your hair looks SO BLOODY HOT!

Enny said...

tj - isn't it more hassle to keep dying it darker?! :o)

rosanna - why thankyou, miss!

Teej Mahal said...

Yes, it very much is. When my roots come in it looks like a photo-negative of Heather Locklear. Not a good thing.

I'm debating getting the colour stripped back to my natural blonde, but don't want to end up with a cranky frazzled mass on top of my head.

Teej Mahal said...

And I completely forgot to say yours looks fantastic. Which it does.

Now you just have to get used to wearing it out!

Enny said...

Tj - I couldn't imagine you with lighter hair! I also imagine it would be hard to let it 'just grow out' and that stripping it back would be just as bad... SHAVE FOR A CURE TIME! (Is ok - it was totally implied ;o) I've worn it out 3 days out of 4 so far!

Cléa said...

Nice colour. Goes best with the yellow face :P

Enny said...

clea - thankyou! I asked for the best colour to go with cartoon yellow :o)

Teej Mahal said...

Actually, I found this bizarre product the other day that breaks down the permanent hair dye molecules and separates them, without damaging the hair shaft. One application on Monday night and the black has come out, and its now a nice medium chestnut brown.

It's called myhd - weird stuff, but its worked really nicely, and the hair isn't too damaged (slightly dry). Much much better than bleach stripping.

Enny said...

Teej - well there you go, I feel like I instigated some change! It's good to know it can be done without being too rough though :o)