Thursday, April 10, 2008

FYI: "When it rains, it pours" also applies to dots

  • Firstly, most importantly, Rory McLeod is playing this Sunday at the Folkus. Canberrans: BE THERE!!
  • I gave blood today - my haemoglobin was higher, my blood pressure was lower and my blood flowed faster than the lady I went with. GoooOOOOO VEGAN!
  • Speaking of which - I'll have been vegan for 2 years in just less than two months.
  • Speaking of landmarks - next week I'll have been blogging for three years. Woah. I always seem to be having some sort of celebration in these parts.
  • Next Thursday is potentially monumental in other ways - basically, an agreement was made a few months ago where, to encourage some hard-core saving for a house from yours truly, where when I reached a certain balance in my savings account I would be rewarded with something I am very keen to be rewarded with. Next Thursday is next payday, so be sure to tune in! Although, if you've been here over 12 months already you'd realise that my anniversary is always celebrated with a summary post, so you might have to wait a little longer. Still tune in, though!
  • Have you guys tried those Darrel Lea Muskettes? I got a bag for my birthday and they've been sitting my bottom drawer but today I tried them devoured them. Aw man, so good!
  • My ability to procrastinate has officially astounded me. In less than 24 hours time I will be driving to uni to hand it in and it is currently less than 25% complete. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I often think that had I realised in High School and College just how easy the work was and just done it I could have got myself a better UAI. But then I see myself at 26 on the couch in my lazy apnts desperately looking for people to play Scramble with and know that it just wouldn't have happened.
  • The Hun has lost his sunglasses - anyone know where they might be? The way he has been carrying on you would think he has lost his toe bone - might you have seen it? (A zillion dollars to anyone who knows where that is from!).
  • I've had my fill of being run around girl this week. The bro's sent an email around detailing Warehouse Winter Festival which sounds totally exciting - so I forwarded on to some of my friends who I thought would be interested (3 guys, 2 girls). There was a whole bunch of d!cking around with chasing up prices and bank deposits to the point I was finally ready to get middle bro to buy 6 tickets for me. Then another one of the guys emailed me saying 'oh, you'll probably have to get ours as well'. Eck-f*cking-scuse me? Then youngest bro asked me to get his as he is po' (which I didn't actually mind), but then the other guy emailed everyone in a tone that insinuated it was our fault for not telling him to transfer money earlier. Gah.
  • That was then followed up by my having to chase a woman around to give her her Entertainment book (interested? I'm selling! Buy from me!!!!).
  • RPM class starts at my gym on the 22nd of the month and I am keenly anticipating the fitness that will come with it while voluntarily forgetting the terrible pain caused by the bike seats, the gagging caused by my unfitness, and the sweaty sweatiness that occurs while I pedal like the Wizard of Oz witch. I plan to go three times a week and one Pump class, but it will remain to be seen whether I can keep that up. Have I told you guys about our plan to ride to the coast at the end of the year?!
  • I feel like I've gotten more looks since the change in hair. Of course, I could be looking for it, but I find it amazing that all I had to do to start liking my hair was get a good straightener and dye it. AMAZING!
  • Did you know that PMS can share the same symptoms as pregnancy? That is, if you're late in starting, have experience some spotting, feel generally queasy, dizzy and headachey then you are just as likely to be feeling pregnant as you are ready to surf the crimson wave? Welcome to my world, people, it's always the worst case scenarion in here*.
  • *Of course, being pregnant would not be the worlds worst thing. I would just like it to happen after I'm married and after I've seen a nutrionist to make sure I'm not raising a munchkin living on alchohol, vegan timtams and turkish bread.


Amanda said...

I, as a general rule, get very few PMS symptoms. However, my body seems to have corrected itself in the last few months (it was all over the place before that), and earlier this week I constantly felt like I was going to pass out. And headachey that wouldn't go away. Nice to know that's what being pregnant will be like. Wah!


So many landmarks! Woop! I'm intrigued about what the thing you want very much that you will be rewarded with next week is!

Enny said...

amanda - Typically, so do I - hence the investigation! It sounds terrible, but they vomit and stuff too, so it sounds totally terrible :o)