Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dot Points for a drinky Tuesday

Been a while since I've thrown some dots your way, eh?

  • The Girl engagement thing is going on the downlow for a lil bit. We sat down over a bag of kettles, two cruisers and a bake-at-home turkish loaf and decided that it would be best to be a bit shush. Seems there was a fairly long chat with the boy in question about it, and she doesn't want to jump to conclusions/make judgements/OD on valium until it's a bit clearer in person. She does have the entire conversation saved, so it may make a comeback at some stage (because I know you're nosy because you're here, aren't you?!).
  • I didn't die after kickboxing, though haven't been to the gym since and DO plan to go again this week. I felt VERY out of shape, plus it didn't help that an ex student was there just watching (she taught the class before and decided to come back in halfway through and just SIT there for some godforsaken reason) AND the carb loading I'm doing (see above point), but I'm determined at some stage to get fitter (unless I fall into a 'woe is me' stage that I feel I'm teetering on).
  • My tapey face is doing well - it's a lil scabby and it wasn't AWESOME getting the tiny tight stitches pulled out (though infinitely better than having them put in) and I'm still taped up - but the fact that I think my scab looks 'cute' where my lip mole Mole MOLE used to be is a good indicator of my doing the right thing.
  • It is also itchy as all heck - I think that's also a good sign, but I just want to get in there and dig around in it. I'm refraining, but considering tricking The Hun into biting my nose (he almost bit my nose hole the other day) just to get some kind of itch in there.
  • Still no word on that job I applied for (thanks for all your support, team) so I must say I am MOST unimpressed with a company that doesn't get back to applicants even if they are totally underqualified and just fooling themselves. I should add, however, that my only slightly controlled outburst after a meeting about the conditions surrounding the future dismemberment of my team ("Well, there's definitely more incentive for me to leave than stay now!") resulted in me getting approved for a pay rise... two jumps in just over a month adding up to more than $8000 annual increase? That eases the pain somewhat...
  • I used to be a really good speller in school, but I cannot thank the automatic spellchecker ENOUGH for automatically pointing out each time I spell 'definitely' wrong ("definately"). Hooray for technology.
  • Did I tell you our landlord never showed? Or called? Still? I have no qualms about telling EVERYONE that Independent Property Group is the WORST real estate agency. EVER.
  • As more than one of you may be aware, I am totally obsessed with Facebook. So again - if you're out there and want to be my bud, send me an email? If you're not stalker material I'll add you to my RL account... if you are? Don't be a hater for not being added.
  • I almost managed to book Dadsy in for a tattoo on the weekend. He's turning the big 5-0 this year and I suggested we buy him a tattoo - however because he is his daughters father he would like it sooner rather than later, and if we paid for it he'd still want something more for his actual b'day (not until November). The only drawback to getting it done on the w/end was that he wants youngest bro to be there too so the tat man writes the same thing in the same way in the same place. I think I'm more excited than him about it... on the one hand I have the feeling he'll try and pike, on the other hand I really hope he doesn't because I think it would be awesome for each person in our family to have the same tattoo.
  • That unit I thought I royally screwed the exam for? I came out of the course with a credit! That course I was sitting on more than 90% for? I came out with only a pass!!! Seems I royally f*cked that exam up the ass (apologies for the graphic description, team). I went into the lecturer and saw it with my own eyes - I scored only 52% and was pretty much berated for providing shallow answers with absolutely NO depth in TERRIBLE handwriting! I was in there for over a half hour going over it all with him, and a phone call today confirmed that he's decided to bump it to a credit. Which I should be happy with on many levels (at least I passed, at least I got a credit, at least he didn't remark it to a fail, at least I don't have to worry about the poor quality of the unit again) I'm still disappointed that I didn't get what was proddly my only chance at getting a HD AND it's the first time since I've been back at uni that I haven't come out of a semester with a credit and a distinction.
  • I am getting worried about my old dog at home. He's been around since I was in year 4 and is totally skin, bones and wobbles now. His feet slip on the cork tiling, he leans up against anything he can, and all the stories from home about him are only sad... like how he fell in the fish pond and nearly drowned the other week - his eyes are like 90% cataracts, he was put outside because he was peeing on the family room floor right in front of Dadsy and the outside lights weren't on and he couldn't work out where he was. Plus he was wearing his heavy winter jacket because he has no fat to keep him warm, which would have weighed him down (and his back legs hardly work as it is) and he shook for 3 hours after they found him soaked and covered in leaves by the back door, even after they took half an hour to hairdry him (he weighs less than 4 kilos now). Or the stories are funny but sad, like how the other week it looked like he was having a fit or something because he was leaning up against the unit and coudln't stand up properly and looked stressed so mumsy picked him up to calm him down, but he was actually peeing in the house. Yeah - lot of peeing stories, but all he does now is sleep and pee. Poor old dog.
  • I am looking forward to my potential Qld trip in November (I'm almost 100% sure I'll get my nose done if I can get a teeny tiny stud, I haven't had ANYONE in RL say it would be a good diea) and I am also looking forward to a potential Melbourne trip in August. Hooray for minibreaks!


StyleyGeek said...

I said it first!

(They used to flake out on our inspections with no warning, too.)

Enny said...

Styleygeek - You did too! I only didn't link it as there are pics of some of the rooms in disarray and they'd proddly work out who we were... and I know someone else who was with them and said they were terrible as well! We did used to have a good agent (who sent someone around the same day I called her about SOMETHING living in the roof) but then they changed our contact person to (I think) some young chook with an attitude problem. The only inspection she actually showed up to, the comment was 'garden is dry'. WELL DUH - IT'S CALLED A DROUGHT!!! grrrrr.

LaLa said...

:( I am worried about your dog too.

Give him a big hug for me.

Enny said...

Lala - what's sad is that he winces when you go pat him... but I did manage to get a some good hug time on him last night, which was nice.

StyleyGeek said...

I don't think the pics of my rooms would give anyone a clue about _your_ identity, if that's what you mean... :)

And I don't care if they know who I am: our landlord switched to a different property manager once she realised what a mess Independent had made of things. Also, I think it's probably overly-optimistic to assume that Independent ever remembers ANYTHING from week to week!

But feel free to delete my link above if you'd rather.

Enny said...

s'geek - Oh! I didn't mean you'd done anything wrong! Only that I would LOVE to link a whole lot of times to the exact office that we deal with so others could see how non responsive they are - only I'd fear getting evicted ;o)

Sarah said...

Aww, I hate watching dogs get old. Hope he's doing okay.

DelightfulJen said...

Poor old dog! Our old dog used to pee at the wrong times and he couldn't walk up the stairs because he had such bad arthritis, plus all the other old dog stuff, it was sad.

Itchy scabs are a good thing, it means all the skin is healing and growing, which is why it itches (well that's what I was told). I hate scabs though, I hate the crusty feeling.

You should pepare for not getting a tiny stud as soon as you have your nose done, they start off with a largeish one so it doesn't get swallowed up into the hole if your nose swells. I think you only keep it in for like a month before you can change it. It's not a huge one they start off with anyways, but it's much bigger than those tiny pin prick ones you see :) The bigger ones look cute anyways, and they are big enough for people to compliment!

Amanda said...

Oh no. I don't think there's anything I hate more than hearing about family pets getting old and being in pain :(

You had something living in your room? I have something living in the roof! I haven't done anything about it yet, but I'm seriously considering it now- I think it's possums, and the last two days the landing at the top of our stairs has smelt distinctly like gross wee. Mixed with rotten rubbish. Eww.

D'Jen's right, the itching is most definitely a good thing. I always have to work out how to spell that word right too, regularly get it wrong.

Rosanna said...

I so love points.

And don't worry about your spelling. I have NEVER, EVER been able to spell... critisce. And I KNOW that's not how you spell it (in fact, my spelling lookd like a made up word) but no matter how many units of English I study, I will never be able to spell that word.

Your landlord sounds like a real jerk.

Aurelius said...

I only worked "definitely" out today. And only because of my phone's predictive text function.

Enny said...

sarah - I am touched that you're here to comment (note to others - I am all types of fangirl for Sarah - go there now!!)! I think he's ok overall, he's not in pain as far as we can tell. But after the manner in which our last dog passed, we'll be sure to 'do the kind thing' if he suffers too much. :o(

d'jen - yeah, he doesn't do stairs. He often sleeps on youngest bro's bed, which means youngest bro has to pick him up and put him down at his every whim as he can't do it himself. And he starts to cry when the phone rings too. My nose is all kinds of itchy - there are all kinds of restraint going on here. And I swear I read you could get a teeny tiny stud from straight away? If you were here, I would go get it now. RIGHT NOW.

amanda - I meant to write 'roof': speed = high, accuracy = low. It sounded like it was something large doing a slow scurry around - you could hear the hairs drag along the roof - then it sounded like it was sliding down the drainpipes! We never heart it again after that though...

rosanna - criticise? critisise? AGH! My Landlork is a JERK. Though I feel bad coz she may be really unwell if she's been off work for almost a month now (that's how long I've been trying to contact her/waiting for a reply).

aurelius - if only you'd found out yesterday, you coulda taught me! I still forget - my fingers go to 'definitely' be default!

kiki said...

you will all have the same tattoo?

Amanda said...

Haha, It was ME who typed it wrong, not you! You said roof, I stuffed up and wrote room... although I was thinking roof in my head!

Enny said...

kiki - youngest bro and I got our 'Deus Pascit Corvos' tattoo's at the same time, now dadsy wants the same one, in the same style as youngest bro's (mine is little different).

amanda - hooray! That happens to me all the time ;o)