Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Victor Meldrew moment

I don't believe it.

After my three (unreturned) phonecalls and two (unasnwered) emails, we finally got a call back about a house inspection.

A new lady (our third? fourth? in two years) called The Hun (not me, who has been the main contact) to say that they'll be around to conduct an inspection tomorrow.


The Hun calmly responded that we hadn't received any notice - she replied that she'd then cancel the inspection and send us notice - he then emailed me to let me know what was going on (and pointed out that they very obviously must be avoiding me).

"Another new agent? Did they apologise for not getting back to us early? Did they apologise for just not turning up last time? Did they say whether they had keys or not?"

None of the above.

(You can see that their contacting him was proddly in their best interest).

Imagine that - had they scrounged up their set of keys somehow, they could have just strolled in tomorrow for an impromptu inpsection (though I think that's actually illegal).

The NERVE to finally get in touch almost two months after I initially contacted them (the day after we received notice of inspection) to call The Hun to try and weasle in an inspection with one days notice?

I am just completely flabbergasted.

I will be calling them just as soon as we get that next notice, believe you me....


Amanda said...

WHAT??? You're right, highly illegal. I'm not sure what the laws are in the ACT, but here I think it's 10 working days notice or some such. Not certain- but it's definitely in writing, and with more than a day's notice.

On that note, I have a god damn inspection on Friday. I do wish they wouldn't, it's not like I've ever trashed the place, and I'm getting more and more irritated with making my house spic and span for their benefit, when it took them so long to fix my paving. Urgh. I don't want to go home and clean, damnit.

StyleyGeek said...

I always took the frequently changing managers thing as a good sign with that real estate agency (we had three in two years). I figured it meant that their own staff were getting pissed off and leaving (or being fired), and that surely that should mean matters would improve.

Obviously not.

Adam said...

We're going through the exact same thing. I don't really understand why it's all so hard for them. We haven't been able to use our main shower in the 3 months since we moved in because it hasn't been sealed properly. My understanding is that it's a 10 minute job... but a job that we don't even want done, the replacement of a section of carpet (but they don't want to replace all the other connected carpet, so it'll look bizarre and we'd have to move all our furniture out of that room) we keep getting all these quotes guys ringing us who can only turn up during the business day.

They never return our calls or e-mails and have now sent a letter to inspect. At least we got a letter, but I'm just over the whole thing. I've never met a rental real estate agent that wasn't a tool and I'm very much wanting to ring the landlord to tell him he's wasting 12% of his rental income.

DelightfulJen said...

I hate property managers! I can't imagine anyone wanting to do that job, people seem to hate them most of all occupations!

If they did happen to just have a wander through your house without any notice they'd be in huge trouble, it'd be a bit fun because you could take them to the tribunal or whatever it is.

Give them a piece of your mind!!

Enny said...

amanda - she quickly changed her mind as soon as he bought up that we hadn't been given notice. But you gotta hate how as soon as they say jump, we're all 'how high?!' and it's never the other way...

s'geek - I know! I still can't believe they just let all the emails and phone messages just go unanswered...!!!!

adam - grr, Grr, GRR! It would be nice to dodge the middle man, offer to pay them an extra $10 a week to deal with you directly :o)

d'jen - I guess that's why they keep leaving or just not coming into work and returning their calls and emails! If we went to the tribunal I would have to buy a skirt suit and some grownup shoes - so that WOULD be fun!

We got a letter yesterday about an inspection next Friday. What sucks is that we'll be cleaning all weekend and then I'll have to be super, extra careful for the rest of that week! I'M SO MESSY BY DEFAULT!!!