Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cheese on Toast

There's a night from many years ago that I often think about.

I was 18 and in the midst of my 'going out 3 times a week to drink and dance' phase - also known as 'the year my metabolism kicked in ', 'the year I got boobs' and 'the year I never shoulda started dating that guy'. I'd get dropped off at my pizza job after uni (by one of the ever patient friends who drove me everywhere as I took FOREVER to get my license) then they'd come back at about 11 - I'd get changed out the back of the shop and we'd head straight out to Insomnia. I'd quite often 'get into my zone' and think I was the shizz, and position myself at the front of the main stage and groove to the dance music to my drunken hearts content.

One night I was up there doing my thang when a guy called up to me 'Keep it up!' - to this day I have no idea whether I was actually dancing well OR if I was jus so tryhardy that he was encouraging me to keep practicing.

It was with this scenario in mind that I headed out to 'Cheese on Toast' on Friday night - held once a month where daggy 80's and 90's music is played and one of the only events to get gf1 out into the city. Not that I can talk - this being my first time 'out' out (ie, excluding magf's hens night) since Jan '06. Urgh.

Nayways, it went quite well! Dadsy dropped youngest bro and I at about 10 and we headed into the Transit bar for a drink (well, 1/2 a drink for me, 1 1/2 for youngest br0) before making it into Toast. We found gf1 and her friends in the back corner, and some more of my martial arts and old uni friends came around later and youngest bro was all about drinking copious amounts of vodka and trying to get me to keep up with him (I failed).

I'd already told a few ppl (youngest bro, gf1 and eldest bro's gf) that I might be meeting up with a few people that I'd half met - Dean was the one who conned me to go out after seeing my mopey Facebook message (I'd met him but I am terrible with face) and Mick was also supposed to be out (having not actually met him, but having seen photos and again with the whole face thing).

After sitting around for a while (and catching up with a friend who's having some downtime back in Canberra after breaking up with an ex in Melbourne) I saw a guy walk through and half stare at us all as he was walking past. "I think that's my friend!" I said - "I think you're right" was everyone's response - I guess you have the type of looking walk that works, Mick! So I walked up to the front of the club to check on youngest bro (who was being refused drinks at one stage, but is quite luckilly a happy, cheery, dancing drunk) and stared at the guy who was now leaning against the pole and then waited when I got back to my dark corner - it WAS him!

It was lovely to meet Mick finally, having talked to him quite a fair bit through blogging and chatting and facebooking - and am looking forward to there hopefully being another kind of Canberra blogmeet at some stage so I can be sober (for at least some of it!) and actually properly talk :o)

Wrapping up - I left at about 1am (courtesy of eldest bro's gf who dropped me home) and stayed up until 4am - I have a MORBID fear of the hangover! Luckilly some cold pizza, vegemite toast and plenty of water sent me to sleep feeling not too poorly, and woke up for a few nurofen, more water and a nap! 3 cheers for a good night out meeting lovely people and not getting a hangover!!!

(PS - Toast - PLEASE get a better DJ! At least one that doesn't play a terrible song straight after a slightly decent one and whose concept of 'mixing' is to start playing a second song shortly before the first song ends so that you just have this blast of two songs playing at the same time...!)


Adam said...

Has vodka become your new balcony?

Enny said...

adam - .....? I don't understand? Do you mean do I watch you from my vodka? Because the answer is yes.

Adam said...

You are quite a witty young lady. I am entirely happy with your answer.

Enny said...

adam - SCORE!