Sunday, December 03, 2006

Heyyen Heyyent - a roadtrip we have went!

I'm back!

How was your weekend? Proddly better than The Huns, who had a 'boys' weekend planned, but misplanned one vital step - the step where you head out to the car to go to a LAN and then have a boys night in then sleep in and schlep around but you remember to take your car/house keys WITH you (rather than leaving them on the coffee table)... this meant he spent the weekend at his parents with only the clothes on his back, his wallet and his mobile (our real estate agent doesn't do ANYTHING on weekends, it seems...).

We arrived without too much hassle, we hit the shops above the markets (I bought five tops, some summer PJ's and some thongs for me; and some boxers and shorts for The Hun), we sat around, we hit the hotel bar and then we had hotel bar snacks for dinner (the weather was MISERABLE out there and there were no restaraunts in the immediate vicinity. What was the hotel restaraunt offering? Seafood buffet only. Which is no good for the vegan, the (mostly) vegetarian and the buffet hater. Then we sat around again, then slept (and then woke up to gf2 sleeptalk planning soccer - I actually thought she was on the phone and messaging a friend at 6am this morning!).

Today we got up, zipped thru Paddy's Markets and then made it to the DFO where we were for like 5 hours!!! But it was great - I bought two pairs of shows, two pairs of jeans, some black pants and some more singlets for me; and four shirts for The Hun.


And that was about all!

It was a really good weekend - the first of that sorta thing that I've done in a long time (if ever!).

BUT I'm back to diet and gym tmr - shopping with someone who's taller and a size or two smaller than you, and a friend who looks awesome in an XS is a somewhat humbling experience.

As much as I love my dear new bag, he is not the most practical fella for shopping - he is relegated to 'special occassions'.

I also need a new wallet to go with this new bag (my current wallet is three shades of purple which looks a trite bit ATROCIOUS) but I am not a big fan of all the shiny gold faux snake inside the matching wallet.

I do also have a few things on my mind that I'd like to post about... which would you like to hear about first:
- Morning-after pill ethics;
- Unhealthy weight; or
- 'Healthy' relationship windows.
Also, don't freak out - they're not pressing or necessarily about me here and now, but just some things swimming around in my head (hormones mebbe? I skipped my womanly time of celebration because of the whole room sharing thing)(And as much I wanted to make that red, I couldn't bring myself to do it again!).


(PPS - We passed the house inspection, but we have new 'inspectors' and I get the feeling they're young and trying to prove themselves - out 'garage floor coverings' and 'bathroom exhaust' are 'dusty', our 'toilet roll holder is peeling away from wall' (how is that our fault?!), we need to 'check smoke alarm batteries regularly (they didn't comment about the one that just FELL OFF THE ROOF!) and our yard is 'dry'. B!tches)

Nigh nigh!


Susanne said...

Hi Enny,

Sounds like a fun weekend! Mine was really good. Had a friend's birthday dinner on Friday, and a very nice night with the new boy on Saturday.

I'd like to read about the morning-after pill ethics. I've taken it twice, and I think things like who pays for it- boy or girl- and how the chemist treats you when you buy it are pretty interesting.

Jey said...

Did you politely remind the inspectors that it is most likely the LAW'S fault that the garden is dry???


Amanda said...

I love jey's comment that the yard is dry because of the LAW. made me giggle anyway.

I have opinions/ experiences regarding the morning after pill, I've taken it once. So I shall be interested to read.

I also have opinions on healthy weight. Primarily because I certainly don't fall into the healthy weight range. Always looking to read others' opinions though...

So I don't know what I want to hear about first.

Just realised that I may have been lurking for a while. Woops. I try not to lurk! I came over from D'Jen's blog.

Jey said...

I'm not sure if it was clear buy my comment was referring to the water restrictions currently in place in Canberra and most of Australia

Enny said...

susanne - yeah, it was - yours does sound like a handfull of lovely fun though!

jey - we didn't actually see them (I've never been home for one yet) but we are planning a revenge attack where we highlight all the things we've chosen to ignore so that they have to come in and fix it...

amanda - I'd never be brave enough to say that to their face (and we've NEVER watered out the back!). I think I'll do my bit bout the MA pill (it's not all THAT exciting) but something that got talked about a lil bit on my weekend away, and THEN the weight range stuff =o) And also, congratulations on coming out of your lurker cupboard! =o)

jey - I knew what you meant (tho I DO have insider experience) ;o)

ChickyBabe said...

"Attendance too high"?? I have to remember that one! :)

Jennifer said...

I read this ages ago and just assumed I commented but obviously not, I think I am over tired lately :)

It sounds like you did a hefty chunk of shopping, good work :)

Don't buy a Guess purse, I had one to match my last bad and it has such a small amount of card slots and it didn't seem to wear as well as the bag did. My Cellini purse has been the best one by far, but it's leather so out for you.

Mombassa has some very cute faux leather purses, if you want something a bit cute and different or good old Strandbags and the like for some nice vinyl goodness.

P.S Brisbane trip is a special occasion, you must bring your bag so we can recognise each other :)

Enny said...

CB - TELL me about it - They just can't make up their minds!!!

d'jen - don't stress! I sure did, tho it was def quantity over quality... the wallets didn't look that useful, and I just couldn't get over the shiny-shine! The issue is that I need one to match the new bag (that will DEF be coming to Brisbane - I have to pretend to be grown up while running the training!).

Adam said...

Hmm, I would like to read about relationship windows, I am curious to find it if is an add-on program to XP or something made of way groovy stained glass.

Enny said...

adam - .... ;o)

Adam said...

Hmmm, speaking in code heh?

I'm going to translate that into:

"You are super groovy, I will talk about healthy relationship windows in approximately 2 posts time"

to which I shall reply:

"Cool okay thanks".

Enny said...