Thursday, December 14, 2006

Five Night Funness


Here's my plans for the next five nights...

I fly to Brisbane just after lunch tmr and cab it to the hotel. From there I meander my way to Chirmside (thanks to the help of the very d' d'jen) to meet up with a martial arts person who'll take me out to the training hall where I hopefully won't have to use my spiffy new shinpads. Then we'll have a little party (special vegan food for me!) and my 5th Dan senior will then drive me the hour back into Brisbane.

Sat I plan to sleep a lil, shop a lil, and then meet up with miss d'jen at 2:30 - she's done a super lovely job of organising a shindig, so be sure to check in with her for deets (I'm useless!) - and others (adam, T'woman, Deb, Jac, Rom & mebbe GBE I think!) for the evening.

Sunday I plan to loll around in bed and then mebbe leech some internet from a free hotspot, watch DVD's and play some minesweeper on my lappy.

Monday and Tuesday I'm running training for work (eep!) - with Monday night spent on a martial arts phone hookup and more martial arts training on Tuesday night. AND THEN? Fly back to work on Wed mrng.

So, there you have it. As much as it pains me, I will proddly be quite absent from these parts till Wednesday (THO VERY NOT ABSENT TO SOME OF YOU ON SAT!) tho I'm determined to get at least SOME internet in there!

tee tee eff enn!


Jennifer said...

WEEEEEeeee!! Won't you be a busy vegan sausage then?

GBE is now unable to come as her oven has been fixed and can now still have her pre Christmas dinner, but Natalie from is on.

We will have quite the little gathering!

Enny said...

Back now! And did we ever =o)