Sunday, December 17, 2006

Do I know you from the internet?

A post starring D'jen, Adam, TokenWoman, Nat, Deb, Jac and Jade (no link?!) because I don't want to have to keep linking them all the way through - LAZY).

Because I am that sad I am actually paying to write this in an internet cafe. I coulda waited until Wednesday, but somebody voiced their confusion and distaste for the Kanye West post, so I'm doing a bit of community service and pushing it further to the bottom (I guess you have to be THAT uptodate with the celeb goss to appreciate the irony and ignore the obvious nonsensical manner in which I laid it out).

Firstly, can I say, that before last night I had only met one person from the internet - the trip down to Melbourne for the Comedy Revue was to become the first time I would meet someone (and erica was very lovely and someone I do keep in touch with as much as her schedule will allow!). Yesterday afternoon was still scary tho, in that I'd be meeting SEVEN new people.

The ever-so-sweet D'jen had organised to meet people at a pole, but had the forsight to meet me in my hotel foyer - I was nervous and procastinating by doing Sudoku in my underwear when she called to say that she was looking for the hotel entrance as we spoke, so I rushed my stuff together and met her in the foyer.

D'jen is very lovely - and luckily had unwittingly put herself in the position to be the one that everyone recognised - however the tables were to be turned...

We caught the bus down to Southbank and wandered the markets until the inevitable bad weather broke (I refuse to believe that it was her fault!!!) and we settled in at the bar an hour early, purloining the best sneaky pole-watching point with a nerve-calming drink.

Adam arrived early and we watched him for a good ten minutes - praise the Lord it WAS him, though it could have been worse as we never actually approached the dood to ask him if he was an IT Ninja. I'll have you all know that it was KILLING d'jen to sit there watching him look around for people that he might know (not enough to make her call out his name, but enough to make her feel bad as she stalkishly sipped her drink and stared at him..). She had send her number to ppl so that they could contact her if need be, but had neglected to send it to him - so our ESPing of 'JUST CALL' didn't work and it wasn't our lack of brain skills that caused it to fail.

When I got a message from TokenWoman asking if we were there yet - we spotted her instantly, waved like internet stalkers (as was the theme of the night) and rushed down to meet her. We met her and were on our way out to see if it WAS adam when this guy approached us with a 'Hello LAYDEEZ' that had me stop in my tracks, wondering if we'd been balcony stalking the wrong guy (answer: no, we weren't - hooray for instincts!).

We worked out who we all were and headed back in to try and get a table where we ran in to Nat and her husband (who excused himself once he realised it was safe to do so) and we managed outselves a table after some hustle against some young punks (I will totally give the credit to Adam as he was to be the manliest of the night (even tho he wasn't with D'jen and I as she TOTALLY outsted those punks) and found Deb, Jac and Jade near the bar.

SO. Enough with the banter - I shall do it thirteen-thirty-seven Adam-stylez (manly) and wrap you all up.

D'Jen: You are absolutely the lovliest little thing there is. She was friendly, went out of her way to help me by picking me up, ordering a cab, checking I was drinking enough, ensuring I escorted her to the bar, showing me how one should order the long island iced teas and the drinks with the crowns on, getting me home and PAYING MY PART OF THE FARE! My attempts to pervert her were thwarted, but that's okay - it was delightful to meet you!

Adam: Whoah! You are a very funny fellow and also quite delightful. He made sure he expressed his distaste and many things (my drinking of the water, my veggies for my hommus, the afore-mentioned Kanye post) but also expressed his taste for other things (my beatingupness, my man shoulder, my swear words) and was able to hold serious conversation too, which I thought was great (PS - cleavage - room for improvement, but charisma +43).

TokenWoman: Do you mind if I call you delightful too?! She was lovely and friendly and funny and managed to coin a new catchphrase - I swear that ReadMyLipsSperm WILL (fingers crossed!) be the catchphrase of 2007. She has a scar to make a pirate squirm (not really! It's not that bad at all!) and has settled very nicely into her 'new' place - I wish I'd caught up with her (and Rom!) last time I was up too.

Nat: You are De-f()ckin-lightful. Now, I will be honest that I had only seen her via Steph link-bombing but I will be obsessively trawling her archives because she is frickin funny. Get thee to her site now, but she is the object of MY affection and you can't have her (or her chewy yoghurt). I do plan to get me some back dimples tho...

Deb, Jac and Jade: I didn't even really get to speak to!!! This is quite a shame because I'd started going back in their archives so I could get to know them a bit (I hadn't read that much though!) and then they all had to leave. I'm sure that if/when it happens again (and I'm there!) I'll be sure to put on my brave pants and make some convo!

I also do have a pic, but I don't know how to use this cafe comp with my camera and chord (and those yellow faces don't just make themselves!) so I'll update this on Wed night.

Hope to see y'all again when I'm up in Sem1 2007!


DelightfulJen said...


I had the most awesomest time ever!!

I'm so pleased to hear you had a good time, and even more pleased to know you'd hang with us all again!

Seriously, it was like the coolest night I've had in such a long time, everyone is so hilariously funny, and I learned so much ( like about horse sex, for example).

I'd LOVE to catch up with you and your big back next time you are in Bris :D

P.S If the pics of me are yucky please crop me out or yellow face me, I only like D'Jen self portraits, especially with my man hair!

Jac said...

I think there were some unfortunate seating arrangements which may or may not have been the main reason for any lack of conversation between us!

I say may not, because I'm inately shy and probably wouldn't have said much had we been joined together all night hehe

And, you know, I had to leave 'n' stuff...

I wish I had been able to stay, though! Sounds like you all had a fun night (despite the lack of details from anyone so far! Come on people, details!!)

Come back to Brisbane again soon and we'll do it again! woo!

Adam said...

You know, my meal really was the least manly thing ever... next time I want to be served by a massive Turkish dude.

Jac, the rest of the night was more of the same, but with added food and 47% more hilarity.

M said...

hehe, sounds like fun. I'm waaaay too chicken shit to meet bloggers!

Enny said...

d'jen - hooray! I'll be SURE to let y'all know nex time I'm up, and I'd expect the same courtesy (I was thiiiis close to sms spamming everyone on Tuesday night!).

jac - I was stuck between the banister and the step! There isn't really THAT much more to tell - the drinking from 3 (that jen is SUCH a bad influence!) had me running out of puff around 11..

adam - it's SO funny that it's the manliest thing she could think of!

m - it's great! I'd TOTALLY recomend it =o)