Sunday, December 10, 2006

Almost on holidays


And it's HOT down here.

And smokey - my car has grey ash specks all over it - Canberrans are getting edgy in their seats.

We had a martial arts grading yesterday morning - my 5 little boys did their damndest (I was quite proud!) and the other kids and adults did a good job too. We then headed over for a Christmas bbq in the the hot hot sun for three hours and then headed over to my exhousemates (xhmM) new house (that is just 30 seconds away) and had another bbq to which I BOUGHT a BOTTLE of WINE (PS - went to ANOTHER bbq today - charred flesh is in)!!

Yup - you read that right. It was a Moscato and it was lovely and sweet and I felt like a grownup carrying it in, however that feeling disintegrated a little once I developed a headache after the first of the three cruisers that precluded the one glass of wine. Even though I drank (I swear) 6 glasses of water at the same time AND had some panadol.

BUT The Hun and I won the first game of Pictionary (we usually SUCK as a team) and then xhmM's gf and I won the second game. And then xhmM and I lost the third game - by this time I had a grumpy headache and wasn't liking my new feeling of losing.

This morning we made a start on the Christmas Shopping and this is the FIRST year I'm feeling quite good about it all - The Hun finally worked out something that he wants that I can get without it being money or something that he doesn't really want and will only pretend to like. I've bought Dadsy's present, Mumsy's present, part of Eldest Bro's present, the little presents to go with the Christmas cards for people at work, small little presents to go with the gifts for Mumsy, Dadsy, Eldest Bro, Middle Bro, Youngest Bro and Eldest Bro's gf.

I know what I want to get The Hun, Youngest Bro, the rest of Eldest Bro and the person I drew in the KK thing that Mumsy's side of the family is doing now for Christmas (The Hun and I bought the one for the person he drew today) - I'm mostly sure what I want to get Middle Bro and I'm gonna think some more on a suprise part for The Hun.

Luckily, I'd planned aheaad to take the Swift into the dealer across the other side of town on Wednesday (there was a rattle in the door for like 1000k's that has CONVENIENTLY stopped now but I'm still gonna get em to have a look) so I have flexed Wednesday off so I can pick up the gifts, have lunch with The Hun and sit on the couch watching Little Britain (I just finished reading the book and I've only seen a few episodes).

There are still a few things that will need to be done - I'm SERIOUSLY considering buying a new tree but The Grinch Hun doesn't want me to spend the money when we're saving for Japan. Also - gifts still need to be bought for The Huns Mum, The Huns Dad, The Huns Sis, The Huns Sis' Boyf, The Huns Grandparents and The Huns Gf (I'm hoping for a new mp3 player to replace my ROOTED iPod Buddy - anything 20g or bigger) and he's not yet sure what he wants to get them. While it's nice to be feeling a lil calm about Christmas now (tho still cringing over the fact I sprayed L'Occitane HOUSE spray on my arm thinking it was PERSON spray), it's not so nice to know that The Hun isn't and that I'll be playing the part he has played for the past two Christmas' (putting up with the stressed persons crap and irrational emotional abuse).





Boysenberry said...

Just started? No worries, I bought the last present on Sunday morning. :)

Adam said...

Hmmm, because I have to work around Christmas I'm staying in Brisbane so I actually get to avoid all the random present buying. I'm getting one for Cara and one from Cara and then we're done. I'm happy to pay for any presents Cara wants to get for other people but in my head, I'm done. Whoooo!

QLD is hanging for your arrival.....

Jennifer said...

EEEEEE, Enny, I'm so excited for you to come!!!

I have done a fair bit of Christmas shopping, just need a little bit more for Bestie and a little something for the other girls and I'm pretty much done.

I LOVE buying gifts though, I wish it was Christmas forever.

Halliwell said...

I LUUUUUUUUUURVE Little Britain, I got them all on DVD. So funny :)

Well at least ur organised, Me being male I will leave things till the W.E. of Dec 23rd and 24th(as allways) so I have no stress YET.
Yeah Melbourne has been smokey of late too, We've lost some 250,000 hectares or some crazy amount. 2day has been good though.
Have fun in QLD, party hard in the humidity baby.

Enny said...

mr b'b'rry - BOO! Heh heh, I don't mind the 'last minute rush' if I know what I'm getting, there's something quite pleasing about having ARMS full of bags and knowing everythings sorted and done.

adam - look at you, scamming your way out of Christmas! I CAN'T WAIT (tho not as trim as I was hoping to be)!

d'jen - WAHOO! I do like the shoppings, though I don't think I could do it always... there's something quite calming in knowing it's aaaalmost at it's apex and then there's just summer!

halliwell - I think I might be getting the live one for Christmas... Don't you think that 24th is jus a lil too late?! I think I plan to sweat and melt in QLD, like those water men on that episode of Futurama... ;o)

Mars said...


didn't you hear? the even on the 16th has been relocated to melbourne.

see you there!

Enny said...

mars - Oh ok, BUT WAIT - OH NO! My beekeeping smoke free suit is out on the line IN ALL THE SMOKE! I'll hafta jus head to BrisVegas anyways...!

Deb said...

see ya saturday :)

Enny said...

deb - wahoo!