Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pounder some more!

So! By all accounts, Pounder is settling in well. Dadsy worked from home yesterday just to keep an eye on him and so that he could take him to the vet later in the day. He is not spinning as much, but he's still dead keen to lean behind your knees and smell your butt.

We got an email in the middle of the day from Dadsy, telling us that he thinks he's a lovely little dog, just veeeeery dumb. Dadsy took him into the fenced off pool area to have a bit of a sniff around, and it may just be that Pounder has never come across a pool before - he walked straight into it, stood there, then walked straight back out. Unsure of what had happened, he walked right back in. Then right back out. Then right back in a third time. Then right back out and he coughed and spluttered from swallowing a moutful of pool water.

We'll be keeping him out of the pool area methinks.

The vet estimated him between 5 and 8 years of age and in good health, apart from being underweight. She said that his spinning is behavioral rather than neurological, which is what we suspected but it was some comfort for the family that couldn't bear another lovely dog with another brain tumour, although it's hard to understand how the behaviour can make him feel better. While she was pretty useless in telling us what to do about it, Dadsys workmates sons girlfriend (or similar) is a vet and told him that we just need to turn our backs and ignore it and eventually he will stop - Jey and Desci have both been very reassuring about his behaviour and I really appreciate it. Dadsy went to work today and he's still alive, so that's a good sign.

I visited him again this afternoon and he came when I called him, put up with some patting and chatting and even chased the ball a little - have we found ourselves a real dog?!

Can't wait to stop past and see him again on the weekend - The Hun is heading up to Sydney to watch the rugby after we go check out another two houses (different ones to last time) so I plan to hang out with the parents and Pounder.

Here are some more poor quality pics for those of you not on Facebook!

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