Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ask Metafilter

Have you guys heard of Ask Metafilter?

Dadsy actually told me about it, heaven knows how HE found it but it was one of the first sites he added to the Feeder that I set up for him.

Basically, people write in with a question and the random masses (the 'hive mind') respond - It is VERY easy to lose an hour or so in it!

I mainly skim through using my feeder and only read the full post and response to one in every 20. BUT. There are some good ones.

This person experiences one of my social drawbacks and gets some great responses.
This person reads books the same way I do (and I'm going to read the responses once this is published!).
This one could give me some great ideas for martial arts/work exercises.
This one could help me recapture the books I never read in my youth!

Off you go!


Cléa said...

Just waht I needed, another timewaster! Has anyone asked how to stop Metafilter addiction?! :P

Enny said...

clea - ah ha ha, I have 400 or more sitting in my feeder, I'll let you know if I come across one!

flashman said...

Oh wow, I cringe too. Watching 'The Office' was really hard for me. And heaven help me if somebody takes the stage at a gathering to sing along to a popular tune with words they've written to be appropriate for the occasion. (A former colleague's post-election rendition of "Waltzing John Howard" sent me literally scurrying from the room until I could no longer hear her.)

Enny said...

flashman - I had a hard time with the office, but because I KNEW how it ended before seeing it, I was okay. The Hun, on the other hand, hated it - he couldn't enjoy it. That said, looking back on it makes me feel sad... I've heard the finale of The Extras is the worst ever for that sort of thing...?!