Thursday, July 10, 2008

House Hunting

The Hun and I have been eying off allhomes for a while. It was that I would spend a LOT of time looking through the houses (particularly when I was meant to be studying) and then I would obsess and obsess over a place I thought was 'it'. We would see it, we would be disappointed and we would start again. While discussing how obsessed I was with a house last week, The Hun finally popped on to the website himself and found a few that I just hadn't considered.

Meet my latest obsession:
Southside, pre-loved, 3 bedroom, BIR, ensuite, large block, real 'family' style home.

Meet The Hun's latest obsession:
Waaaaaay northside, new, 3 bedroom, split level, ensuite, small block, 'new family' home.

They battle it out on the weekend, one inspection after the other - will be a very interesting day!


Desci said...

Both are SO gorgeous... but SOOO different! G'luck!

Annie said...

House hunting is so fun... stressful, but fun! The possibilities...

Enny said...

desci - they are! Though I quite liked the Northside one it already had an offer on it, plus on the drive out there I think he realised just how far away it is!

annie - it is lots of fun - I do like looking around :o)