Sunday, August 05, 2007

You're my idol!

Breaking it down, raspberry cruiser style!

  • Idol is back! So excited - although I struggle with the first few weeks - I don't like the way they focus on 'bad' people, I hate seeing them made fun of - it's just so painful. Still, I try to soldier through, because you often get to see the future finalists and can pick them early on. (and yes, I tend to get a bit too involved in it all, but I'm allowed the occassional vice (redeye, cruisers, misery chips, bad reality television)). It's also great because the finale tends to coincide with the warmer weather that I am hanging out all over the place for.
  • I went to see The Simpsons movie today! How was it? Couldn't tell you! Dadsy and I rocked up at about 2 for the 2:15 show, but the line was out the door, so we decided we try again for the 3:15 and pop out to pick up some wine and shaving cream (hopefully he's not intending to use both at the same time). We got to the counter 30 minutes early, only to find out that the projecter blew up in the 1:15 session (the lines were people queing for the 2:15 session as well as the 1:15 people getting refunds) so I bought my popcorn and drink pack, dadsy bought some maltesers for mumsy who was stuck at home doing an essay and I went back to the gowrie house to watch some Monty Python! Was still a good day, but I'm also hanging out all over the place to see it.
  • The Hun's good friend whose wedding spoiled my Qld trip plans was down at the end of last week (the couple live in Sydney) and all the groomsmen went out to help choose a suit for the groom-to-be. The issue that threw a spanner into the works was that the bride-to-be casually mentioned to the groom-to-be that he should look at morning suits (ie "you best be getting your sweet self a morning suit for our big day") and the crazy sales man at the shop only had one "morning suit" - it was a black jacket teamed with grey pants that had hand drawn looking black stripes on them. Not only that - the "morning suit" jacket was actually a formal tails jacket with the cropped front and the salesman kept insisting that it was in fact a morning suit and should only be worn after 5pm. The wedding is at 4:30pm and a morning suit should only be worn in the MORNING, hence the name. So now the groom may be hiring a fugly formal tails suit rather than a spiffy morning suit.
  • I am on the look out for sexicute shoes to wear to the upcoming weddings - there is the one mentioned above as well as one the week before. My action plan is to buy one dress but two pairs of shoes with two sets of accessories. As a result, I am obsessively stalking this site and this site and this site - mainly to maintain my sense of what is cute.
  • We saw 'Walk the Line' last night after having it around the house for while - I'm glad we did finally get to see it, but was very upset that they didn't get Jonathon Rhys Meyers to play young Elvis for the brief appearances. He is the only notactuallyElvis Elvis for me. See:

More importantly, you should see this:

  • I'm a bit torn about what to do with my hair - like obviously I should do SOMETHING with it, as the second to last time it was touched by a professional was the start of March (the last time was when it was styled for Magf's wedding) and my blondeish roots are all growing out. Whilst we were watching the movie last night, there was a moment where I was thunderbolted by how perfect Reese's hair looked, so I think I'm going to grow it a bit longer with a bit of layering. I will be making an appointment to get a trim, my foils touched up (hopefully caramel as apposed to the yellow-white blonde they seem to be fond of putting on my head) and a funkyish sideswept fringe - perhaps a bright red streak or two (oh yeah - I am STILL about about the teenage rebellion). Mebbe next weekend?
  • Did you know that Andrew G is a vegan? I didn't.
  • Karma is an 'interesting' thing (I'm hesitant to say awesome because then it will bite me back in the ass) - my stupid ex has been dealing with one of dadsy's best friends on a business venture after I introduced them shortly before our breakup (I didn't find this out until some time in the last 12 months or so). Seems that the stoopid ex managed to convince dadsy's friend to sell him a large share of the business but then had to go O/S for his 'official' job leaving his half brother in charge of the business - the half brother hasn't done any of the stuff he was supposed to. Now dadsy's friend's reputation is being dragged down by it and he is NOT someone you want to mess with... interesting.
  • I'm joining the Harry Potter craze - thus far I have read the first two paragraphs of the first book. I foresee a long road ahead.
  • Time to go - my samosas are done!


Rosanna said...

Enny pen, you are a hoot. Samosas? Yum.

I have longish hair with layering, and I have a wind swept fringe. I'm a little bit biasist - but I think it looks tres chic (not on me, perhaps... but on everyone else. Ha)

Good luck deciding!

Deb said...

I did!! I did!!! I found out the day after my posse and I saw him when we were having breakie at southbank...

I coulda sworn I told you! oops!

Linda said...

Jonathan is such a hunk. I just finished watching Bend it Like Beckham (again)!

Boysenberry said...

Ahhh, Enny, so close to meeting (or at least seeing) the elusive MrB. I was standing at the front of the 2:15 queue, having been one of the evicted 1:15 crowd, along with MrsB and MissB. :)

Enny said...

rosanna - why thankyou! They are a quick and easy vegan meal (available in the frozen foods section near you!). Your fringe sounds fantastic - I'm booked in for the night before we drive to Melbourne!

deb - now you just may have! I'm so forgetful...

linda - oh yum - yum Yum YUM! He is just the dreamiest :o)

Mr B'b'rry - DANG! Another stalking opportunity missed!!! Have you seen it yet?

Mars said...

i knew he was a vegan... he actually has a pretty good blog too, where he talks a bit about his veganism.

i'd find the link for you... but waaaaay to lazy for that.

Rosanna said...

When are you coming to Melbourne again? Tis soon, oui? We must go out for champers. I get galloptic after about four xo

Boysenberry said...

I have, Enny, I have. Good movie, not great. We ended up in the 2:15 session, eating doughnuts :)

DelightfulJen said...

I was so sure I commented on this last night? Maybe it didn't stick?

I knew about Andrew G, I think I found out about the same time as Deb because I saw him with her :)

Fine idea re: one dress, two shoes plan. Pictures!!!

Enny said...

mars - are you not as lazy yet? :o)

rosanna - Aug 24 - 26 :o) Galloptic? I haven't heard that before!!!

Mr B'b'rry - I'm trying to con youngest bro into seeing it with me tmr night - if I manage, that will be the third time he'll have seen it!

D'jen - I haven't seen anything... crazy blogger. No pics yet - I tried on two pairs of super cute peeptoes today but both were half size too big and neither came in half sizes... that does not bode well! I think I have shrunk to a size that's harder to buy the my 'current' size!!!

Rosanna said...

Galloptic? REALLY? It's my favourite word! Aside from divine, lovely, demented and manic, of course. And knackered. I use knackered alot.

Enny said...

Rosanna - it's been added to the reporoire!