Saturday, August 04, 2007

LG15 Season Finale!

ZOMG - did you guys catch it?

If you don't follow it - this may not be all that interesting.

If you do follow it - make sure you watch it and come back and let me know what you thought!

I've seen all of the videos, but as of late have been a bit meh about it all. Sarah was really giving me the sh!ts. I didn't like the all-white outfit videos. Spencer was like Garth from Wayne's World but just annoying.

My thoughts on the finale: Nailbiting amazing. Although, I tarded it all up and accidentally watched the 12th one first and thought they were being arty and showing the end before the beginning. I'm also glad I didn't check the site before all 12 were up or I would have gone MENTAL.

I also discovered that, much like when reading a book, I have a habit of missing important plot links. Like that the Hymn of One and The Order were different? That the ceremony wasn't just held out in a field and actually meant being transferred to a hospital and just dying? How is that religion?

Would love to hear thoughts - Am off to check out the other show they're running now (Kate someone?!) and lurk the forums for answers.

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